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Rising Scholars Programs

Terry Piatz, Director



1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-7197

E-mail: Terry Piatz


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Northern students wearing goggles and lab coats working on a science experiment
Rising Scholars Program at NSU
"I am thrilled to be participating in this program. It opens doors for my students that would otherwise remain shut until after their high school career is over. It has been a learning experience for them and for me. I can't wait to continue this journey with them."
Rising Scholars Instructor, Canton High School

Earn college credit in high school
Why take courses through Northern State University's Rising Scholars Program?
• Simultaneously earn credit toward your high school and college degrees
• Save money
• Get a jump-start on your college courses while in high school
Northern's Rising Scholars Program offers opportunities for qualified high school students to earn college credit while in high school. Take college-level courses in many disciplines including mathematics, English, history, biology, chemistry, art, management information systems and speech communications.
University classes taught on-site at your school
High school on-site classes are taught by qualified high school instructors who also are qualified as NSU adjunct faculty. Qualified instructors will have a master's degree in the course discipline or a master's degree plus 15 graduate credits in the course's discipline.
Northern offers two other dual-credit programs: the High School Dual Credit Program and the E-Learning Dual Credit Program.  Please refer to the websites for details.

Affordable and transferable 

High school on-site students pay $40 per credit hour ($120 for a 3-credit course and $160 for a 4-credit course). Students and/or the high school are responsible for lab costs.


Students successfully completing the course will receive college credit for the class. The final course grade will appear on an NSU transcript. College credits will transfer to any South Dakota Regental institution and are likely accepted by most accredited institutions.


Students may still choose (in addition) to take the AP exam.



To register

Qualified high school students will be enrolled as recommended by the high school faculty and approved by the university. Minimum ACT and/or Accuplacer placement scores are necessary for certain courses in math and English.


For a registration form, contact NSU Rising Scholars Director Terry Piatz or a participating high school.   

High school on-site 2014-2015 course offerings
Biology 151/153 and Labs (General Biology I and II) - 4 credits each
English 101 (Composition I) - 3 credits
English 210 (Introduction to Literature) - 3 credits
History 121/122 (Western Civilization I and II) - 3 credits each
History 151/152 (United States History I and II)- 3 credits each
Math 102 (College Algebra) - 3 credits
Math 123 (Calculus I)- 4 credits
Art 121 (Design I 2D)- 3 credits
Management Information Systems 210 (Web Authoring)- 3 credits
Chemistry 106 (Chemistry Survey)- 4 credits
Speech & Communication 101 (Fundamentals of Speech) - 3 credits
Requirements and details

High school on-site courses will be taught by qualified high school instructors who also are NSU adjunct faculty. Classes will have college-level textbooks, examinations, and grading standards equivalent to those used in classes offered on the NSU campus.
More than 50 percent of the enrolled students must be taking the course for college credit in the Rising Scholars Program.
Classes are subject to minimum enrollments (currently 8 students).
NSU and high school Rising Scholars faculty will meet regularly and work collaboratively to develop and implement curriculum. Northern faculty will support and evaluate the cooperating high school Rising Scholars faculty.
The final course grade will appear on an NSU transcript. Students can request a transcript through the NSU Registrar’s Office or WebAdvisor.
The Rising Scholars Program is not associated with the Advanced Placement (AP) program or the NSU Center for Statewide E-Learning.