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NSU Honors Program

Dr. Erin Fouberg, Director


Technology Center 361

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-3456

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Honors Scholarships and Fellowships

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Summary: Scholarship covering tuition and expenses
Funding Offered: Up to $7,500
Academic Level: Undergraduate Sophomore or Junior
Topic Areas: Math, Science, Engineering
Application Method: Institutional Nomination and online application
Deadline: January
Eligibility: Must be in the top fourth of class with a B‐average GPA


Boren Scholarship
Summary: Study abroad in underrepresented areas
Funding Offered: Up to $20,000
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Topic Areas: Africa, Asia, Central/ Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: February
Eligibility: U.S. Undergraduate Student
Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows Program
Summary: 1‐year‐long research fellowship for Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Funding Offered: ?
Academic Level: College Senior/Graduate
Topic Areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Science, Social Science
Application Method: School Nominating Official
Deadline: January 15, 2013
Eligibility: A college senior or graduate student who has not yet begun graduate studies



Freeman Foundation Fellowship
Summary: Study Abroad
Funding Offered: Varies; $3,000‐$5,000‐$7,000
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Topic Areas: East/ Southeast Asia
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: April 2012 (for 2013‐14)
Eligibility: Min. 2.8 GPA, accepted to a study abroad program, has a filed FAFSA, and in need of
financial assistance


Fulbright Scholarship
Summary: Study/Research/Teach Abroad
Funding Offered: Multiple Grants
Academic Level: College Seniors, Graduate Students, Young Professionals, and Artists
Topic Areas: Study/Research, English Teaching Assistantship (ETA), or travel‐only grants
Application Method: Online; application varies upon location
Deadline: October 2012 (for 2013‐14)
Eligibility: Cannot be relative of a US State Dept. employee, must have a bachelor’s degree at
time of trip, and must be proficient in destined country’s language
George M. Mitchell Scholarship
Summary: 1 year study abroad
Funding Offered: Tuition, accommodations, living expense and travel stipends
Academic Level: Postgraduate
Topic Areas: Ireland
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: See Website
Eligibility: Must be between 18‐30 years of age


Gilman Scholarship
Summary: Study Abroad‐ support is need‐based
Funding Offered: 2,300 awards of $5,000
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Topic Areas: Locations outside of Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: August 2012 (For spring 2013)
Eligibility: Must be receiving a federal Pell grant, is applying/accepted in a study abroad
program, is studying abroad for at least 4 weeks and in a country not on the Travel Warning list.
Hertz Foundation Fellowship
Summary: Merit‐based fellowship
Funding Offered: $30,000
Academic Level: Graduate
Topic Areas: Physical, Biological, or Engineering Sciences
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: August 2012 (For 2013‐14)
Eligibility: Must be a first‐year graduate student in the above topic areas and must be attending
a Hertz‐tenable school.


Hollings Scholarship
Summary: Academic Assistance with Internship
Funding Offered: Up to $8,000 in academic assistance; $650/week paid internship for NOAA
Academic Level: Undergraduate (at least Sophomore)
Topic Areas: Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, Research Technology, Education
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: Early January
Eligibility: Enrolled in at least second‐year level at a four‐year institution, 3.0 GPA, have a
declared degree in either oceanic, environmental, biological, or atmospheric sciences,
mathematics, engineering, remote sensing technology, geography, physics, hydrology,
geomatics, or education.


Jacob K. Javits Fellowship
Summary: Fellowships to study at Doctorate or Masters level
Funding Offered: Up to the lesser of 48 months or degree completion. Institutional payment (in
lieu of all tuition and fees) and a stipend (based on the fellow's financial need as determined by
the measurements of the Federal Student Assistance Processing System)
Academic Level: Graduate/Doctoral
Topic Areas: Humanities (60%), Arts (20%), and Social Sciences (20%)
Application Method: Available online every August
Deadline: September
Eligibility: Anyone entering/ in the process of their first year in the highest level of study for
their field.


James Madison Memorial Fellowship
Summary: Fellowship for teachers of the American Constitution to complete Graduate study
Funding Offered: $12,000/year
Academic Level: College Seniors, Graduate, working teachers without master’s degree
Topic Areas: MA, MAT, or MEd in American History or Political Science
Application Method: Online Application
Deadline: March
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, teacher or aspiring teacher of American history, government, or social
studies at the 7‐12 level, and waits at least 3 years between receiving a degree and applying.
Marshall Scholarship
Summary: 2‐year graduate degree at a UK institution
Funding Offered: Living and travel stipends
Academic Level: Graduate (strict eligibility)
Topic Areas: Any
Application Method: Candidates fill out a form that must be endorsed by their institution
Deadline: October
Eligibility: Min. 3.7 GPA, BS/BA received by the time the scholarship year begins, and must have
never attended a degree program at a British university.


Morris K. Udall Scholarship
Summary: Career‐based scholarship
Funding Offered: 80‐ $5,000 scholarships; 50‐ $350 honorable mentions
Academic Level: Sophomore/Junior college students
Topic Areas: Environmental, Tribal Public Policy, Native American Healthcare
Application Method: Online; must be nominated by school; 800‐word essay
Deadline: March
Eligibility: Sophomore or Junior with a 3.0 GPA and a full‐time student pursuing environmental
studies. Only Alaska Natives and Native Americans are eligible for Tribal Public Policy and Native
American Healthcare.


NSF Grant Research Fellowship Program
Summary: Graduate study support
Funding Offered: 3 years of support usable over a 5‐year period
Academic Level: Graduate
Topic Areas: Any field in NSF’s mission (see website)
Application Method: Online via FastLane
Deadline: November
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, attended less than 12 months of graduate school at time of application,
and studying within NSF’s mission.


Rhodes Scholarship
Summary: Graduate School in the UK
Funding Offered: Living stipend, travel, health insurance, tuition and fees
Academic Level: Graduate
Topic Areas: Few restrictions
Application Method: Apply to home country committee
Deadline: October
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, at least 18 but not yet 24, sufficiently advanced academically to assure
completion of degree by Oct. 1 in the year following the election.
Thomas J. Watson Fellowship
Summary: 1 year of independent study abroad
Funding Offered: Up to $25,000
Academic Level: Graduating college senior
Topic Areas: Most anything
Application Method: Must be nominated by school before applying
Deadline: See Website
Eligibility: Must be a graduating senior at a participating school.


Truman Scholarship
Summary: Graduate level scholarship
Funding Offered: Up to $30,000
Academic Level: Graduate
Topic Areas: Public Service fields
Application Method: Nominated by undergraduate university
Deadline: February
Eligibility: U.S. citizen, Junior Standing, community service participation
Whitaker Undergraduate Program
Summary: Overseas research, internship, and coursework
Funding Offered: $7,500/semester; $10,000/academic year
Academic Level: Sophomore, Junior, Senior in college
Topic Areas: Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering
Application Method: Apply online and by hard copy
Deadline: March
Eligibility: U.S. citizen or resident, sophomore, junior, or senior with a BME, must have approval
from home institution.