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Contact Information

Northern State University 

1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-3011
E-mail: Admissions
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Northern State University
Departments and Offices

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                                                                                    Location                       Phone             Contact







​     Phone






Academic Advising

Provides information on academic programs, program requirements, registration, placement and testing


​Multiple locations ​605-626-2633 Email


Your first stop to apply to, tour and learn more

about Northern


​Student Center 213 ​605-626-2544 ​Email

Alumni Association

Serves and connects NSU alumni


​​Beckman Building ​​605-626-2550 Email

ARAMARK (Dining Services) 

NSU dining and catering


​Graham Hall ​605-626-2928 ​Email


Center for test information, including ACT, CLEP,



​Graham Hall 105 ​605-626-3290 Email

Athletic Development 

Athletic scholarships and recruiting                     


​Beckman Building ​​605-626-2550 ​Email


Includes varsity sports affiliated with NCAA Division II


​Barnett Center 42 ​605-626-3336 Contact

Barnett Center 

Hosts activities from college and high school-level sporting events to math contests and science fair


​Barnett Center 42 ​​605-626-3336 ​Email

Beulah Williams Library 

Center of information resources that support NSU's

academic programs and community needs


​​Williams Library ​605-626-3018 ​Email

Bookstore (Wolf Shoppe) 

Provides textbooks, supplies, Wolves apparel,

accessories and more


​Student Center ​605-626-2655 ​Email

Campus Security 

Contact office for the campus officer


​Student Center 212 ​605-626-2474 Email

Career Development & Placement 

Provides comprehensive career services to students,

and limited services to Northern alumni       


​Student Center 240 ​605-626-2371 Email

Center for Excellence in International Business & Entrepreneurship

Aims to increase economic opportunities for NSU

students and South Dakota businesses


​Lincoln Hall 123A ​605-626-7721 ​Email

College of Arts and Sciences 

Departments of biology, chemistry and physics,

mathematics, history, sociology, political science

and geography, languages, literature and

communication studies


​Tech Center 358 ​605-626-2601 ​Email

Counseling Center 

Professional counselors assist NSU students;

promotes student health and well-being


​Student Center 240 ​605-626-2371 Email​

Disability Services 

Creates a campus climate in which students with

disabilities can thrive


​Student Center 240 ​605-626-2371 ​Email

​E-Learning Center 

Delivers courses electronically to students statewide 


​Mewaldt-Jensen 122 ​605-626-3382 Email

Exponent/Student Publications 

Students' stories and opinions shared through

print and digital media


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-2534 ​Email

Facilities Management


​605-626-2560 ​Email

Finance Office 

Handles a variety of business transactions 


​Krikac 202A ​605-626-2566 ​Email

Financial Aid 

Center for student financial aid information and assistance


​Dacotah Hall 103 ​605-626-2640 Email

Graduate Studies 

Office of NSU's graduate programs


​Spafford Hall 204A ​605-626-2558 ​Email

Grants and Sponsored Research 

Research and grant administration services


​Spafford Hall 103 ​605-626-2616 ​Email

Health Services 

Provides medical services for currently

enrolled NSU students


​Student Center 254 ​605-626-7694 ​Email

Human Resources 

NSU employee support and resources,

current job vacancies


​Krikac 213 ​605-626-2520 ​Email

Institutional Research 

Statistical analysis of NSU entities and activities


​Graham Hall 104 605-626-2433​ Email

International Programs 

Promotes international awareness, diversity and

engagement; international student recruiting center


​Lincoln Hall 206 ​605-626-7693 Email

Math Center 

Math tutoring services for NSU students


​Dacotah Hall 101 ​605-626-7782 ​Email

Multicultural Affairs 

Hosts events and creates multicultural

opportunities for students


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-3007 ​Email

NSU Foundation 


​Beckman Building ​605-626-2550 ​Email

Online & Continuing Education 

Offers a flexible learning alternative with degrees,

courses and workshops


​Krikac 116 ​605-626-2568 Email

Parking Information



Post Office


Student Center,

lower level​

​605-626-2656 Email



​Krikac 212 ​605-626-2529 Email

Reading Center 

Reading tutoring services for NSU students


​Dacotah Hall 101 ​605-626-7782 ​Email

Reading Clinic 

Provides literacy services for elementary students

nationwide who read above, at, or below grade level


​H.P. Gerber 147 ​605-626-3169 Email


Provides information and services related to

registration, graduation requirements, and classes


​Dacotah Hall 103 ​605-626-2012 ​Email

Residence Life 

Center for on-campus living


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-3007 ​Email

Rising Scholars Program 

Offers opportunities for qualified high school

students to earn college credit while in high school


​Mewaldt-Jensen 337 ​605-626-7197 ​Email

School of Business 

Departments of accounting and professional

accountancy, banking & financial services,

economics & finance,management & marketing

and management information systems


​Lincoln Hall 101 ​605-626-2400 ​Email

School of Education 

Center for elementary & secondary education,

health & physical education, special education,

psychology and counseling instruction


​H.P. Gerber 112 ​605-626-2415 ​Email

School of Fine Arts

Home to the art, music and theatre departments


​Spafford Hall 315 ​605-626-2497 ​Email

Sports Information


​Barnett Center 35 ​605-626-7748 ​Email

Student Involvement & Leadership 

Center for NSU's student clubs, activities and events


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-3007 Email

Student Affairs

Creates a vibrant environment that fosters

student development


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-2530 ​Email

Student Association (Student Senate)

NSU's elected student senators


​​Student Center 132 ​605-626-2528 ​Email

Student Center 

The heart of campus life at NSU: A place to eat,

study, socialize, shop and meet


​Student Center ​605-626-3007 Email

Student Rights and Responsibilties

(formerly Judicial Affairs)

Promotes a just, safe, orderly and supportive

university climate


​Student Center 222 ​605-626-3007 Email

Student Success Center 

Connects students with support services to help

them meet academic goals and overcome challenges


Dacotah Hall 209 ​605-626-2633 ​Email

Student Support Services (S.S.S.) 

To eligible students, offers tutoring, academic

advising, financial literacy and grant aid and

career and academic counseling


​Dacotah Hall 101 ​605-626-7782 Email

Technology Services 

Houses NSU's technology support desk, computer

labs, instructional design, media services and NSUtv


​Tech Center ​605-626-2283 Email

University College 

Supports students through academic advising, free

tutoring and academic skills development


​Dacotah Hall 101 ​605-626-7782 Email

University Relations 

NSU's marketing and information branch, supporting departments across the university and promoting

NSU programs and events

​Graham Hall 124 ​605-626-2552 ​Email

Upward Bound 

Motivates and supports eligible high school students

in their pursuit of postsecondary education

​Spafford Hall 106 ​605-626-3229 ​Email

Veterans' Resources 

Offers resources for active military and veteran students and veterans' dependents


​Dacotah Hall 103 ​605-626-2545 Email

​Writing Center 

Writing tutoring services for NSU students


​Dacotah Hall 101 ​605-626-7782 Email