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Technology Center 148

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2426


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Inside NSU Archive

Airs on Midcontinent Communications cable channel 12 at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.


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To see past shows from the current year (2016-2017), please click on the "Playlist" link in the upper left corner of current videos on the NSUtv page.

Inside NSU 2015-2016 

Show1    ​8/18/15 "​Residence Life & Student Activities" with President Smith, Sarah Botkin and Martin Sabolo
Show 2  ​9/02/15 ​"A New Year with the Vice Presidents" with President Smith, Dr. Alan LaFave, JoEllen Lindner and Veronica Paulson
Show 3​ ​9/16/15 ​"100 Years of Gypsy Days" with President Smith, Sarah Botkin, Kirk Bender and Todd Jordre
​Show 4 ​9/30/15 ​"NSU School of Education" with Dr. Kelly Duncan, Brennan Goehring and Nicole Merriman
​Show 5 ​10/14/15 ​"College of Arts and Sciences" with Dr. Steven Usitalo, Dr. Courtney Waid-Lindberg and Kristi Brownfield
Show 6 ​10/28/15 ​"School of Fine Arts"
Show 7 ​11/10/15 "Northern Nights" with guests Lauren Bittner and Kim Bowman
​Show 8 ​12/10/15 ​"School of Business" with guests Dr. Allen Barclay, Dr. Sara Schmidt and Dean Dr. Willard Broucek
​Show 9 ​1/20/16 ​"Confucius Institute" with guests Dr. Allen Barclay, Dr. Naomi Ludeman Smith and Hannah Walters
​Show 10 ​2/04/16 ​"School of Education" with guests Dean Dr. Kelly Duncan, Anthony Redman, Rebecca Bedard and Braden Goldade
​Show 11 ​2/17/16

"NSU School of Fine Arts" with guests Dr. Robert Vodnoy, Daniel Yurgaitis and Sara Christensen Blair

Show 12 ​3/03/16 ​"NSU Athletics" with guests Josh Moon, Zach Flakus and Terri Holmes
Show 13 ​3/16/16 ​"NSU Foundation" with guests Brandon Bowling and Kellie Jo Krause
Show 14 ​3/29/16 ​School of Business: Dr. Willard Broucek, Dr. Allen Barclay and Dr. Sara Schmidt
Show 15 ​4/7/16 ​College of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Anthony Wachs and Joshua Hinkemeyer, Browns Valley, Minn., and Corey Klatt, Watertown, S.D.

Inside NSU 2014-15

​Show 1 ​8/20/14 ​"A New Year with the Vice Presidents" President Smith with guests: Dr. Tom Hawley, Veronica Paulson and JoEllen Lindner
Show 2 9/03/14
"Residence Life & Student Activities" Guests: Clayton Kolb, Britt Lorenz and Salesi Mounga
Show 3 ​9/17/14 ​"Gypsies in Hollywood" Guests: Clayton Kolb, Kirk Bender and Matt Scott
Show 4 ​10/01/14 ​"College of Arts and Sciences Criminal Justice" Guests: Daryl Kosiak and Dr. Courtney Waid-Lindberg
Show 5 ​10/29/14 ​"School of Fine Arts" Guests: Dr. Boyd Perkins, Dr. Alan LaFave and Dan Yurgaitis
​Show 6 ​11/12/14 "Northern Night" Guests: Lauren Bittner and Matt Scott
Show 7 12/17/14​ "NSU School of Education" Guests: Dr. Thomas Orr,  Dr. Lindsay Laamann, and Student Kasey Gengler​
Show 8 ​1/29/15 ​"NSU School of Education" Guests: Dr. Constance Geier and Heather Scott
Show 9 ​2/11/15 ​"NSU College of Arts and Sciences" Guests: Robert Russell and Dr. Ginny Lewis
Show 10 ​3/19/15 ​"NSU School of Business" Guests: Dr. Willard Broucek, Dr. Allen Barclay and Dr. Sara Schmidt
Show 11 ​3/25/15 "NSU School of Fine Arts" Guests: Dr. Alan LaFave, Dr. Boyd Perkins and Sara Christensen Blair


Inside NSU 2013-14

Show 1 ​​8/28/13​
​​"A New Year with the Vice Presidents" Guests: Dr. Tom Hawley, Dr. Calvin Phillips, Veronica Paulson
Show 2 9/11/13 "Residence Life and Student Activities" Guests: Salesi Mounga, Stephanie Achille, Travis Adney
Show 3 ​9/18/13 "Gypsies on Vacation, NSU Gypsy Days" Guests: Mike Birgen, Jatelyn Meyer, Jennifer Andera
Show 4 ​10/23/13 ​"NSU School of Business" Guests: Dr Willard Broucek, Dr. James Kennedy, and Dr. Doug Ohmer
​Show 5 ​11/13/13 ​"Northern Night" Guests: Todd Jordre, Paul Weiss, and Stacey Lust 
Show 6 ​11/20/13 ​"NSU School of Fine Arts" Guests: Dr. Alan LaFave, Dr. Boyd Perkins, and Peter Kilian
Show 7 ​2/27/14 ​"NSU School of Business" Guests: Dr. Willard Broucek, Dr. Allen Barclay and Dr. Sara Schmidt
​Show 8 ​3/19/14 ​Guests: Gregory Smith, Director of University Relations and Larissa Buchholz, Student Actress
Show 9 3/26/14 Guests: Dr. Alan LaFave, Dr. Darci Bultema, Daniel Yurgaitis
Show 10 4/09/14 Guests Dr. Pen Pearson and Dr. Peter Ramey, College of Arts & Sciences
Show 11 ​4/23/14 Guests: Carol Knecht, Dr. Becky Guffin, and Lisa Hunt
Show 12​ 5/7/14​
2013-2014 Year in Review with Dr. Thomas Hawley


Inside NSU 2012-13

Show 1 9/07/12​
"A New Year with the Vice Presidents"
Susan Bostian, Thomas Hawley, Veronica Paulson
Show 2 9/12/12 Gypsies on Safari: NSU Gypsy Days 2012; with Bart Carithers, Marissa Nelson & Benjamin Buckingham
Show 3 9/26/12​ NSU Alumni Association's Vision of Gypsy Days with guests Mike Birgen and Lauren Weaver​
Show 4 10/24/12​ NSU Foundation​
Show 5 11/07/12​ School of Business​
Show 6  ​
11/29/12​ Dr. Gregory Francom and Char Akkerman from School of Education  ​
Show 7 12/05/12​ Dr. Robert Vodnoy, Dr. Boyd Perkins, Dr. Alan LaFave​
02/06/13​ ​Josh Moon,  Blake Day and Zach Flakus
Show 9
Alan LaFave, Grant Manhart and Mike Bockorny
Dr. Ginny Lewis and Dr. Steven Usitalo
03/08/13 School of Business
04/10/13 School of Education
Show 13 04/22/13 Year in review with Smith and Provost Dr. Tom Hawley 


Inside NSU 2011-12

Show 1 ​8/24/2011 2011-2012 "Start of a New Year" with guests:
Bart Carithers: Director of Student Activities
Allan Vogel: Director of Admissions
Todd Tucker: Director of Residence Life
Show 2 ​9/07/2011 ​"The NSU Vice Presidents"
with guests: Dr. Tom Hawley, Provost/V.P. of Academic Affairs
Don Erlenbusch, V.P. for Finance & Administration
Rhoda Smith, V.P. of Student Affairs
Show 3 ​9/21/2011 ​NSU School of Business
"The 2011 International Business Conference"
with guests: Dr. Willard Broucek, Dean School of Business
Jennifer Wegleitner, Academic Coordinator, School of Business
Dr. Erin Fouberg, Professor of Geography
Show 4 ​9/28/2011 ​Gypsy Days
with guest: Mike Birgen, Vice President of NSU Foundation
Bart Carithers: Director of Student Activities
Alicyn Even, Gypsy Days Committee
Show 5 ​9/29/2011 ​NSU 1st Annual Culture Fest with guest: Dr. Connie Ruhl-Smith, Director of Special Initiatives
Stacey Schmidt, International Student Advisor
Tomee Brown, American Indian Advisor
Show 6 ​11/02/2011 ​2011 NSU Northern Nights, with guests:
Michael Bockorny, NSU Foundation Vice President
Stacey Lust, Northern Nights Co-Chair
Kristi Strivens, Northern Nights Co-Chair
Show 7 ​11/16/2011 ​NSU School of Education, with guests:
Dr. Candice Hollingsead, Associate Professor, School of Education
Leah Vilhauer, Elementary & Special Education, Sr., Aberdeen, SD
Dr. Andrea Hathcote, Assistant Professor, School of Education
​Show 8 ​11/30/2011 ​NSU School of Fine Arts with guests:
Dr. Alan LaFave, Dean - NSU School of Fine Arts
Anne Jundt, Music & Elementary Education, Sr., Bismarck ND.
Dr. Boyd Perkins, Director of Bands, Music Education
Show 9 ​12/13/2011 ​NSU Honors Program with guests:
Dr. Erin Fouberg, Professor of Geography
Michael Newman, Secondary Education in Social Science
Saundra Liechti, Chemistry Education in Biology
Show 10 ​2/08/2012 ​NSU School of Fine Arts: NSU Theater
With guests: Dr. Alan LaFave, Dean, School of Fine Arts
Daniel Yurgaitis, Director of Theater
Tina Hanagan, Technical Director of Theater
Show 11 3/08/2012 NSU Athletic Director Robert Olson