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NSU Media Services


Technology Center 148

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2426


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Spotlight@NSU Archive

Airs on Midcontinent Communications cable channel 12 at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 2 a.m.


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Spotlight @ NSU 2013-14


Show 1 9/04/13 Guest: Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen​​
Show 2 ​9/04/13 ​Guest: Dr. David Grettler and Dr. Ric Dias - Discussion on the Constitution
Show 3 9/25/13​ Guests: Dr. David Grettler and Dr. Ric Dias
Show 4 ​10/17/13 ​Guests: Dr. Steven Usitalo and Dr. Elizabeth Haller
​Show 5 ​10/30/13 ​Discussion on the Government shutdown
Show 6 12/05/13​ ​Guest: Dr. Anthony Wachs
​Show 7 ​12/11/13 ​Guest: Fr. Tom Anderson
​Show 8 1/22/14 ​Discussion between Dr. Kenneth Blanchard and Dr. Jon Schaff
​Show 9 ​2/05/14 ​Guest: Dr. Art Marmorstein
Show 10 ​2/19/14 ​Guest: Dr. Steven Usitalo
​Show 11 ​4/02/14 ​Guest: Dr. Peter Ramey
Show 12 ​4/16/14 ​Guest: Dr. Alan Neville
Show 13 ​4/30/14 ​Guests: Dr. Elizabeth Haller & Dr. Peter Ramey



Spotlight @ NSU 2012-13


Show 1 9/19/12​ Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen
10/10/12​ Al Novstrup and H. Paul Dennert, District 3 Senate candidates​
11/14/12​ Post-Election Wrapup​
01/21/13​ Lawrence Diggs, speaker
01/30/13​ Daryl Kosiak, NSU Criminal Justice Instructor​​
Show 6 02/26/13​ Dr. Anthony Wachs​
03/19/13​ William Deng, South Sudan Fund for Children​
04/04/13​ Various topics
04/25/13 William Deng Part 2



Spotlight@NSU 2011-2012


Show 1 ​9/14/2011 Guest: Mayor Mike Levsen
Show 2 ​9/28/2011 Guest: Dr. Stan Vinson, NSU School of Business - Banking & Finance
Show 3 ​10/26/2011 ​No guest
Show 4 ​11/9/2011 ​Kody Kyriss and Zachary Anderson
Show 5 ​12/7/2011 ​Guests: Dr. Jim Seeber, NSU Associate Professor, Sociology & Gerontology
Fr. Shane Stevens, Sacred Heart Church, Aberdeen, SD
Show 6 ​1/25/2012 ​Guest: Peter Carrels, Sierra Club
Show 7 ​2/15/2012 ​Guest: Ronald Baily, Reason Magazine
​Show 8 ​3/14/2012 ​No guest



Spotlight@NSU 2010-2011


Show 1 Guest: Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen
Show 2  
Show 3 Guests: Al Hoerth & ​Senator Al Novstrup
Show 4
Show 5 ​Guests: Kristi Noem, B. Thomas Marking, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
Show 6  
Show 7   ​Guest: Steven Usitalo
Show 8   ​Guest: Erin Fouberg
Show 9    
Show 10   Guest: David Grettler
Show 11   Guest: Stan Vinson
Show 12  
Show 13    Guest: Dr. Alan L. Neville
Show 14    
Show 15    
Show 16