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University Relations  

Graham Hall 123
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2552
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Northern State University
Logo and Identity Standards

The Northern State University institutional identity has been purchased and the rights are held by the NSU Foundation. Assurance of correct usage and enforcement of the proper usage rests with the President's Office with support from the Office of University Relations. In order for NSU to maintain a consistent visual identity, it is important the appearance of any logo, website or publication that represents NSU maintain continuity. These standards are important in maintaining institutional identity, color, logo and typeface.


The Northern State University visual identity consists of two parts: the initials of the institution (the letter mark) and the written words identifying the name of the institution (the word mark). The use of the letter mark and word mark are called a combination mark, often referred to simply as the “logo.”


Northern’s visual identity should not be used as a focal point except where its purpose is to identify Northern, as on stationery, T-shirts and signs. Generally, it should not be featured prominently on the covers of publications but rather as a signature - for example, printed small on the front or back cover. The word mark should not be used alone, but always in conjunction with the letter mark.


Website Standards

When designing a website that will represent Northern, it's important that the following guidelines be followed to ensure that all sites convey the message of consistency. The following must be included in all NSU websites:


• Every page must be linked to Northern's home page.

• The index or "home" page should have an approved NSU logo.

• One of the official colors must be primary on any publication or Web site that represents Northern. All are listed in the table below.


PMS ​CMYK ​RGB ​Hexidecimal
Maroon ​202 ​0 100 65 47 ​153 5 51 ​990033
​ Gold ​121 ​0 8 69 0 ​255 204 102 ​FFCC66
​Beige ​155 ​2 10 31 0 ​248 221 154 ​F8DD9A
​Creme ​7499 ​1 1 14 0 ​255 255 205 ​FFFFCC


Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color system matching specific spot colors and standardized ink color widely used in the graphic arts industry, includes approximately 800 basic colors for both coated and uncoated paper. If you have questions concerning the proper use of any of the approved logos or colors, or you need assistance, please contact the Office of University Relations.