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NSU Honors Program

Dr. Erin Fouberg, Director


Technology Center 361

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-3456

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Northern State University
Honors Program Careers and Internships

The best path to your chosen career starts with an internship. As an NSU Honors student, you're strongly encouraged to pursue internships in your field during your undergraduate years. During your first year on campus, start talking with your professors in your discipline about internship opportunities. Be sure to submit a resume and cover letter when you apply for internships, even if a cover letter is not required.


Be sure to read the NSU Honors Program update emails from Dr. Fouberg for internship opportunities and deadlines.


Take advantage of the NSU Center for Career Development and Placement to learn how to write a resume.


Talk with the director of the NSU Honors Program, Dr. Erin Fouberg, for advice on writing cover letters.


Start searching for internship opportunities with government entities: Hundreds of internship opportunities with government entities abound in the United States. Dream big, put together an amazing internship application (this will take weeks, not hours) and find an internship in your dream career. Be sure to get feedback​ on your internship application from your advisor, the NSU Career Center, and the director of the NSU Honors program before submitting an application to one of these prestigious internship programs:


State of South Dakota Intern Program

United States Department of State Internships

United States Department of Justice Internships

 United States Department of Interior Internships

United States Department of the Treasury Internships

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Honors Internships

Library of Congress National Park Service


Start searching for internship opportunities with private entities:


School of Fine Arts:

Kennedy Center Internship

Smithsonian Institution Internships


School of Education:

Phillips Exeter Academy

National Basketball Association


School of Business:


Federal Reserve


College of Arts and Sciences:

Mayo Clinic

Clinton Global Initiative

The Carter Center