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Undergraduate Admissions
Student Center 213
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Graduate Admissions
Tammy Griffith, Program Assistant
1200 S. Jay St., Box 1153
Academic English Program
Tara Arntsen, Interim Director
1200 S. Jay St., Box 1154
Exchange Program
Stacey Schmidt, International Student Coordinator
1200 S. Jay Street, Box 1082

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NSU Academic English Program
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Welcome to the Academic English Program (AEP) at Northern State University! Learn the English you need to study in America, while in America!
The Academic English Program at NSU is designed to give you the English skills needed for study in an American undergraduate or graduate program.
When you arrive, you will be placed in a level that will best suit your needs.  As your English skills improve, you will be able to advance in level. Once you have completed the advanced level, your English language requirement to enter the university has been achieved!

We offer four levels of academic English language courses:


  • Pre-Beginner Level:  Pre-Beginner Reading, Pre-Beginner Writing, Pre-Beginner Listening and Speaking, Pre-Beginner Grammar


  • Beginner Level: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, Grammar
  • Intermediate Level: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, Grammar
  • Advanced Level: Advanced Reading, Advanced Writing, Advanced Listening and Speaking, Advanced Grammar
Each level has 18 hours of classroom instruction a week, including one hour in a language lab. Tutoring is also available.
Our courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable English language experts in small classes to provide ideal teacher-to-student interaction. Our students also enjoy trips around beautiful South Dakota.

AEP Application Requirements

1. Complete the online application
NSU AEP Program Application

2. Submit your transcripts
Send a copy of your high school and/or university transcripts, translated to English, to

3. Declare your finances
If you are on an F1 visa or will need to apply for one, complete the Declaration of Finances form to ensure that you have the finances necessary to support your program.
Declaration of Finances for AEP Students
4. Submit your test score
If you have tested for TOEFL or IELTS, send us your score to determine placement and eligibility for the International Student Transition Scholarship of $1,500 during your first year at NSU. Completion of the Academic English Program at NSU will satisfy all testing requirements for admission to a degree program. 

5. Get a student visa
Once you receive your I-20 SEVIS document from NSU, apply for a student visa at your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. For more information and assistance with your student visa, please visit Study in the States.

AEP Estimated Costs

Summer Semester 2016
July 16 – Aug. 10

$1,900 tuition
$1,250 living expenses
$200 books & fees
$49 or $ 85/month health insurance, depending on age and plan

Fall 2016 Semester

Aug. 22 - Dec. 14, 2016
Spring 2017
Jan. 9 – May 6, 2017

$3,905 tuition
$3,270 living expenses
$350 books and fees
$49 or $85/month health insurance, depending on age and plan