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Brendan Carson
ESL/IEP Director

Northern State University
1200 S. Jay Street
Aberdeen, SD 57401

605-626-7693 (phone)
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Northern State University
Intensive English Program at Northern


Welcome to the Intensive English Program (IEP) at Northern State University! Learn the English you need to study in America, while in America!
Braralee Khattapan (Thailand):
"Before I came to America, I felt very afraid and nervous.  I didn’t know how can I live and survive here because my English language was very bad. But when I arrived and started the Intensive English Program everything has changed.
"I have a lot of friends from different countries.  Everyone tries to speak English helping me to practice English more. And the teachers in the Intensive English Program are professional. They know how to help me to be good at English. They have many activities to help me study English. It has been very fun.
"I think I was lucky to come here because NSU helped me to start new life in America.  Thank you NSU. Thank you Intensive English Program."

The IEP prepares you to succeed in a degree program.  If you do not speak English as your first language, this program offers a fun and challenging experience that will prepare you for success in any degree program in the United States. 
When you arrive, you will be placed in a level that will best suit your needs.  As your English skills improve, you will be able to advance.  Once you have completed the Advanced Level, your English language requirement to enroll at Northern State University has been achieved!

We offer three levels of academic English language courses:


  • Beginning Level:  Beginning Reading, Beginning Writing, Beginning Listening and Speaking, Grammar, and American Culture
  • Intermediate Level:  Intermediate Reading, Intermediate Writing, Intermediate Listening and Speaking, Research Skills, and Business English
  • Advanced Level:  Advanced Reading; Advanced Writing; Advanced Listening and Speaking; Academic Presentations; and TOEFL Preparation
Each level has 20 hours of classroom instruction a week, including 2 hours in a language lab.  Tutoring is also available.
Our courses are taught by experienced English language experts in small classes to provide ideal teacher-to-student interaction.  Our classes also enjoy trips around beautiful South Dakota. 
We also have a program called "Friends from Afar," in which international students can spend time with a host family, share cultures, learn more about life in America, and create lasting memories and friendships.
The NSU campus in Aberdeen, S.D., is a safe and lovely place to learn English and get a true American experience!  Join us!
For more information, please contact Brendan Carson at