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Registrar's Office
Peggy Hallstrom, Registrar
Dacotah Hall 103
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2012
Fax: 605-626-2587

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NSU Drop and Withdrawal Procedures for Students

Withdrawal Form


If you are not doing well in a class and you don’t think you can pass, it is better to drop and take a W grade than to fail and take an F grade.


Dropping classes will not affect your GPA.  However, dropping a class(es) (after census date with W grades) WILL affect the calculation of satisfactory progress for Financial Aid because they are courses you have attempted but not completed.


Dates to Know

1. Census Date: A full refund is generated for single classes dropped on or prior to this date and a full refund is generated for a full withdrawal (dropping all classes) from school initiated on or before this date.


2. 60% of the Term: A prorated refund based on the initiated date of withdrawal is generated up until this date for full withdrawals.  There is no refund for single classes dropped after Census Date.


3. 70% of the Term:  Last day to drop a single class or completely withdraw from school.  No refund is generated for either after the 60% point.  You cannot drop or withdraw after the 70% point and will have to take whatever grade(s) you have earned.


All dates for each semester can be found on the website under Academics > Registrar’s Office > Information > Important Dates.  Various email and facebook notifications regarding approaching deadlines are also sent out during the semester.


What will my transcript look like?
1. Single classes dropped on or prior to census date will not show up on your transcript.


2. A full withdrawal on or prior to census date generates the comment “Withdrew [date]” on your transcript but none of the classes you were enrolled in will show up on the transcript.

3. Single classes dropped after census date will show on your transcript with “W” grades.


4. A full withdrawal after census date will show all of your classes for the term with “W” grades and also generate the comment “Withdrew [date]” on your transcript.

Dropping a class
1. If you do not have any holds, you can drop yourself from a class via WebAdvisor or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.


2. If you have an advising hold, you must meet with your advisor, who may temporarily end the hold so you can drop using WebAdvisor, give written permission in the form of a drop slip to take to the Registrar’s Office, or send the Registrar’s Office an email giving approval.


3. If you are an athlete and have an athletic hold, you will need to have a drop slip signed by the athlet

ic department (Terri Holmes) to be sure the action will not impact your eligibility. 

4. If you are an international student, you will need to get permission from the International Office to be sure the action doesn’t affect your visa status.


5. If you have an accounts receivable hold, your financial obligation to the university must be cleared up with the Finance Office before you can drop a class.

6. If you have any other holds, you should contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

Withdrawing from school
1. If you wish to withdraw from ALL courses for the term, you are encouraged to talk it over with your instructor, advisor, financial aid etc., but you MUST contact the Registrar’s Office (605-626-2012) to officially begin the withdrawal process.  A short withdrawal form can be found in DH-103 or on the website under Academics > Registrar’s Office > Student Forms.

2. For financial aid purposes, NSU is required to verify your attendance in each class before processing the withdrawal.  This verification process may take a few days, so don’t panic if your courses are not immediately dropped.  Your withdrawal will always be effective the date you first contacted the Registrar’s Office to initiate the process.

3. If you are registered for future terms at the time of your withdrawal, those classes will also be cancelled and you must complete a re-entry form with the Admissions Office (SC-213) before you can re-enroll at NSU.


If you have further questions about the withdrawal process or dropping courses, please contact the Registrar’s Office in DH-103, 605-626-2012 or