About the Confucius Institute

Established in April 2015, the Confucius Institute at Northern State University is a collaborative educational and service partnership between the University of Jinan in Jinan, China, and the Office of Chinese Language Council International in Beijing, China. The goal of this partnership is to increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the people and culture of China through the Confucius Institute€™s' learning opportunities.

The Confucius Institute€™'s primary activity is to offer basic university-level instruction in Mandarin Chinese on campus and online. We are expanding course offerings to high school students through NSU'€™s Center for Statewide E-learning. We invite public schools from across the state to contact us to learn how we might offer Mandarin courses or cultural activities at your school.

The partnership intends to promote academic research, foster student and faculty exchanges, aid mutual cooperation between the two institutions, and augment the effect of these international exchanges through respect, collaboration, and mutually agreed-upon goals.

Oversight of the Confucius Institute at Northern State University is provided by a board of directors comprised of the presidents of NSU and the University of Jinan, with other representatives from each university.