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Contact Information
Registrar's Office
Peggy Hallstrom, Registrar
Dacotah Hall 103
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2012
Fax: 605-626-2587
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Graduation Requirements
You must apply for graduation in Enrollment Services at the Registrar's Office before the term in which you plan to graduate, after you enroll in all remaining credits for your degree. The application process includes a short application form, a survey, and a review of your remaining requirements. 
To graduate, you must:
• Complete at least 120 hours for a bachelor's degree, or at least 60 hours for an associate's degree, with a minimum 2.00 cumulative and institutional GPA. (Some majors require a higher GPA.)
Minimum major requirements above 2.0 are as follows:
BA English 2.50 minimum C in major requirements
BA History 2.50 minimum C in major requirements
BS Medical Laboratory Science 2.80
BSED/BME programs 2.60 minimum cumulative and in major
BSED Social Sciences minimum C in major requirements
• Complete at least 36 semester hours of credit in upper division (300 and above) coursework for a baccalureate degree
• Earn a minimum of 30 credit hours of institutional credit (credit offered by Northern) for a baccalaureate degree, or 15 for an associate degree. Fifteen of the last 30 hours earned preceding completion of the baccalaureate degree must be earned in institutional credit; 8 of the last 15 hours for an associate degree 
• Complete all work as outlined to satisfy requirements of the major and/or minor
• Show satisfactory performance on the proficiency examination--sometimes referred to as the CAAP exam or Rising Junior exam, including the Computer Literacy proficiency exam
• Complete the appropriate exit exam in the major field. Test results will not affect graduation status, but participation is required for graduation
• Fifty percent of coursework required for the major must be taken from Northern.  However, this requirement may be waived for students enrolled in the set of majors offered at the system’s centers which include in the established programs of study common courses offered by one of the other regental universities. In addition, the provost/vice president for academic affairs may make exceptions to this requirement for individuals based on the student’s prior learning experiences.
  • Satisfy all financial obligations to the university
Any student who fails to successfully complete all remaining requirements in the semester of graduation must apply for graduation again in a subsequent semester. All graduation requirements, including incomplete grades and all correspondence courses, must be completed by the verification deadline or the student will be required to reapply.
Apply for Graduation 
If you are nearing completion of your undergraduate degree, you should apply for graduation as soon as you are registered for your final classes, and before the start of the term in which you plan to graduate to allow time for us to review and suggest any needed changes to complete requirements.
Apply for graduation via WebAdvisor.  Once you apply, Cherie Sauer will be notified to start the review process.
Please note that all undergraduate baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 120 credits (Prof Accounting requires 150 minimum) and all specific course and exam requirements must be met as well.  Your Program Evaluation on WebAdvisor is used to determine if all requirements have been met.  The Credits Remaining in the summary section of program eval should be at zero and all requirements should have a course either In Progress (IP), Pre Registered (PR), or completed.  Also check the summaries toward the end of your program evaluation.
Exit exam information will be sent out to those classified as seniors.  Check in Graham Hall 105 if you have questions about these exams.
If you are a candidate for master's degree, contact Tammy Griffith in Spafford Hall 204A.
Graduation honors will be determined on cumulative and institutional grade point average. Students who have earned an institutional GPA of 3.5 shall be graduated cum laude (baccalaureate) or with honor (associate). Those who earn 3.70 shall be graduated magna cum laude, (baccalaureate) or with high honors (associate) and those earning a 3.9 shall be graduated summa cum laude (baccalaureate) or with highest honor (associate). Honors are only awarded to students who have completed at least 60 semester hours credit (baccalaureate) or at least 30 semester hours credit (associate) in residence at Northern State University.
Based on grade point average at the end of the term prior to graduation and anticipated credits, qualified students become "candidates for honors" and will be recognized in the commencement program. Final graduation honors are determined after all requirements have been met and will be shown on the diploma.
Commencement ceremony
Commencement is a time for celebrating your degree with family and friends. While attendance is not mandatory, you are encouraged to participate. If you cannot attend, your diploma cover and diploma will be mailed to you.
Failure to complete requirements
Students must complete all requirements for the degree within 10 days of the end of the semester of graduation or apply for graduation in a subsequent semester.
Exit exams
You are required to sit for an exit exam in each major field of study declared. The degree will not be awarded until scores have been recorded. The exit exams are not given every semester (no exit tests are given during the summer). You must register to take the tests according to instructions and adhere to deadlines that are mailed to you at your campus address.
Diplomas are issued after all grades for the degree have been submitted and an audit has determined that all requirements have been met. Diplomas usually are mailed about three weeks after the end of the semester and are sent to the address provided at the time of application for graduation. Replacement diplomas can be obtained for $10 from Enrollment Services at the Registrar's Office; make checks payable to NSU.

Degrees will be posted to transcripts approximately 2 weeks after the end of the term. One official transcript will be mailed with your diploma. For more information and instructions on ordering additional transcripts, see Transcript Information.