Art Department

Study, Explore, Reveal
Whether you study ceramics, painting or video design, you will find an arts environment that is intellectually and creatively stimulating in the NSU Art Department.

As a Northern art student, you'll learn and grow through a mix of foundational study and explorative research. You'll be supported throughout your search for quality as you reveal new ideas, creative insights and imaginative expressions. Faculty members provide the environment and tools necessary to help you along your path of exploration and visual problem-solving.

A degree from Northern's art department prepares you for careers in graphic design, visual fine arts and art education.


  • Several NSU art scholarships are available. Learn more and apply HERE.
  • Current art students may find scholarship resources on myNSU.

First-rate facilities 

Northern has one of the nicest art studios in the state, and seniors have the opportunity to work in a private studio. Our facilities recently have undergone a $1.4 million upgrade.

Your work can be showcased in one of our three main art galleries in modern and historic spaces. In addition to the foundational drawing and design courses, you'll take 4 semesters of Art History and have an opportunity to explore myriad mediums during your academic tenure here.

Programs and projects

In Northern's Visiting Artists program, nationally and internationally known artists each year stay at Northern, focusing on creating exciting art and working with Northern students through critiques, lectures, and artist collaborations with the community.

The NSU Sculpture Project, a sculpture loan program run by the NSU Art Department, presents work by regional, national, and international artists. Each sculpture is installed and loaned to Northern for 2 years.


Art and artists thrive here. Northern is a strong liberal arts university with the resources and facilities to offer you excellent educational opportunities in the visual arts. Our undergraduate programs are taught by dedicated faculty who help you find their place in the world of art and reach your full potential. ​


Artists create visions and insights that mirror how we live and engage each other within a culture. Through a keen sense of visual acuity, intuition and concentration, we create visual insights into problems and expressions that are shared with the community so life can be more informed and meaningful. In a continual search for quality, the work guides us toward revealing new ideas, creative insights and imaginative expressions of what it means to be human. We provide the environment and the tools to help our students along this path of exploration.