Student Experiences in Fine Arts

Experience all we have to offer!
The NSU School of Fine Arts offers a variety of programs to get you involved and keep you involved.
Ensembles & Performance Opportunities

The School of Fine Arts has numerous vocal and instrumental musical ensembles for you to join as well as many different performance opportunities. As an art student, you'll have lots of opportunities to  showcase your artistic talents as well. 

Student exploring designs
Whether you're majoring or minoring in the fine arts at Northern, we encourage you to complete an internship during your time here. It's the best way to find out what you want to do after graduation.
In addition to the resources below, please visit the NSU Career Center for more information about internships.
The NSU Theatre department has internships possibilities available in a variety of situations. Summer internships are available at the Northern Fort Playhouse in a variety of areas, including acting, stage management, scene shop and promotion.
Outside internships can be arranged by the student at theaters throughout the area for NSU credit. Past students have interned in Disney World in Orlando, Fla., for a full semester of credit. Please contact your faculty advisor for more information.