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NSU Entrepreneurship Camp


July 20-22, 2015 



Work Hard, Have Fun, Learn from the Best

Come make friends and learn how to start a business in the fun, supportive environment of NSU's Entrepreneurship Camp. You'll develop critical thinking, leadership and life skills; meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs; generate business ideas; and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in South Dakota.

The community's top entrepreneurs, business people, and faculty will teach you how to build a business and then mentor you through the process of creating your own business.  You will also work with some of NSU’s top students! 



Own Your Future

Take ownership of your future. Learn to make money doing something you love. Or, use the skills you learn to prepare you for a job in a company that values innovation and creativity.




Complete the Entrepreneurship Camp application HERE


To attend, you must be in high school, but not yet have attended college. On-campus housing and meals are available. Scholarships are available for the registration fee; apply HERE.




Negotiating: In this workshop, young entrepreneurs will learn what it takes to get to a positive outcome for all parties involved.  
Market Research: What does the competition look like? And who will actually buy your product or service?
Pricing Strategies:  One of the most important parts of starting a business is making sure your customers are willing to pay for your product.  
Marketing: How should you present your product or business to the public?  What strategies are most effective?
Accounting: Show me the numbers! How do you make informed decisions about your business?
Financing your business: This workshop will be about traditional and non-traditional sources of financing your business whether it’s bootstrapping or finding bank loans or investors.
Networking and Collaborating: No business stands alone.  In this workshop find out how you can move your business forward along with other businesses.
Giving Back: What does giving back do for your business and your community?  Learn strategies for making the most of your profits.


Business Law and Legal Structure: This workshop will help you formalize your company and help you figure out how to protect your business.