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School of Education
Gerber Building 115
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2417
Fax: 605-626-3102
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NSU School of Education
 “Northern is known for its great education programs, and it’s going to get even better.”







Katelyn Kippes, education major

When people think teacher education in South Dakota, they think Northern.
That’s because the NSU School of Education has a reputation for preparing exemplary teachers. In fact, more of South Dakota’s teachers graduated from Northern than any other institution.
As an NSU education student, you will get out into the classroom much earlier than your peers at other universities. You will also get training and hands-on experience using the latest in classroom technology. 
Northern is proud of its tradition as a teacher preparation university and the teachers we graduate. Our goal is to prepare our teacher candidates based on five points:
1. Knowledge of Self
2. Knowledge of Content
3. Knowledge of Learner
4. Knowledge of Pedagogy
5. Knowledge of Self as a Teacher and Member of a Learning Community
Choose your path
Northern's School of Education is divided into four departments:
Health and Physical Education

Psychology and Counseling
Special Education
NSU Reading Clinic
NSU is the only South Dakota state university to offer a reading clinic practicum for undergraduates under the supervision and guidance of a reading specialist.
If you're majoring in elementary, secondary, or special education, NSU's Reading Clinic offers the unique opportunity to tutor a child from anywhere in the United States.
Rural student teaching
NSU's Rural Student Teach Placement Project places student teachers in small South Dakota towns, where the school is the heart of the community. You'll be supported throughout this intimate and rewarding experience with supervision, training and stipends from Northern. Learn more HERE.
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