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Psychology and Counselor Education 
Gerber Building 115
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2417
Fax: 605-626-3102
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Northern professor teaching a classroom of students
NSU Psychology and Counselor Education Department
NSU offers outstanding instruction in psychology and counseling.
We provide you with a strong general foundation in psychology, preparing you for careers in human services and business, as well as graduate programs in
counseling and research psychology.
Our professors' research interests span myriad topics, including:
 Corporate research
 Disability/chronic illness
 Disaster preparedness
 Human factors psychology
 Narrative theory
 Qualitative psychology
 Quantitative psychology
 School counselor retention and supervision
 Substance abuse
The  undergraduate psychology program prepares you for a career in various entry-level human service positions. In Northern's psychology program, you'll learn to better understand your own behavior and the behavior of those around you. 
Psychology degrees have become one of the most popular options at colleges and universities throughout the world. In addition to offering limitless opportunity for personal growth, majoring in psychology opens up a range of career opportunities.
Psychology majors are exposed to scientific theory as well as areas of psychological research with practical applications.
Counseling students will graduate with thorough understanding of:
  • Self
  • Content
  • The individual
  • The approaches, methods and techniques of counseling theory
  • The self as counselor and member of a learning community

Masters in School or Clinical Mental Health Counseling
In Northern’s intensive graduate counseling program, you'll be challenged to develop clinical skills preparing you to work with a diverse range of clients.
Mission Statement
The counseling program at Northern State University emphasizes the development of counseling
professionals who are competent in their counseling knowledge, skills, and practice. Utilizing a creative,
strength-based approach, the program endorses self-reflective, theory-based, intentional counseling. The
pillars of NSU’s program include the celebration of human diversity, a belief in the dignity and inherent
worth of others, and a commitment to fostering students’ identities as professional counselors.