Technology Requirements

Northern State University requires that all full-time students bring a laptop or mobile device to campus. Most devices, including Apple products, will work with NSU's technological infrastructure. NSU's goal is to ensure your device is reliable and robust enough to support your academic success. For the best possible experience, NSU strongly recommends you purchase a device that meets the recommended configuration.
The following selections allow you to determine the best configuration and specification for your device. Please remember that these are recommendations that we believe will provide you the best possible experience.

Hardware Recommendations

  • Processor - i5 or higher
  • Memory - 6GB SDRAM or higher
  • Hard Drive - 256GB minimum with cloud storage
  • Graphics - Intel for general web browsing; nVidia or AMD for video, etc.
  • Wireless - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Operating System
    • Windows 7 or above for PC
    • Snow Leopard or higher for Macs
  • Optical Drive - Some programs, such as languages, may require use of a CD. Computer labs are available for this as well.
  • Battery - 9-cell (3 hour minimum)
  • USB - Minimum of 2 ports
  • Hardware Warranty Repair
    • NSU technicians are certified to perform warranty repair on Fujitsu and Dell systems. By purchasing a device from one of these vendors, you are able to receive warranty work at no charge on the NSU campus.
    • NET Services will perform repair on devices not covered by warranty at the student's costs for parts. Net Services cannot perform warranty work on any other devices.
    • If you have a touch screen, the cost to repair will increase.


Supported Mobile Devices

NET Services will provide limited support for mobile devices. Our repair staff will assist users to connect to the NSU wireless network and NSU resources such as Gmail.
  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS


Software Recommendations

  • Office 365 University Edition
  • Anti-Virus - NSU requires that student have a valid anti-virus program installed on their device. Computers with the Windows OS have built-in anti-virus.