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Admissions Office


Student Center 213

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 1-800-678-5330



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Tuition Costs 2014-2015

Estimated Costs for 2014-2015


  S.D./N.D. Resident Minnesota Resident Other Non-Resident
Tuition $1,997 $2,533 $2,997
Fees  1,785  1,785  2,025
Room  1,578  1,578  1,578
Food Service  1,644  1,644  1,644
Total  $7,004  $7,540  $8,244


Costs are based on one semester (15 credit hours)


Tuition rates and fees are approved by the Board of Regents and may be revised during the year.


Northern State University requires full payment (tuition/fees/ room/board) at the time of fee payment the first week of each semester. Bills are posted online through WebAdvisor about three (3) weeks before start of semester. Payment may be made online through SDePay/WebAdvisor. Credit card payments must be made online.  A 2.75 percent service fee will be charged on all credit card payments.




Undergraduate Tuition Costs


(Plus additional fees - click HERE for detailed information on fee costs.)


State Employee, ROTC, Teacher Certification
Over 65
North Dakota student attending NSU (freshmen and first-time transfers starting summer 2004)
Minnesota Reciprocity (thru Summer 2014 term)


Graduate Tuition Costs


State Employee, Teacher Certification
Graduate Assistant
Over 65
Minnesota Reciprocity (thru Summer 2014 term)


Self-Support (Rates reflect tuition and fees)


Undergraduate Internet
Undergraduate Distance Education and Centers
Undergraduate Remedial
Graduate Internet
Graduate Distance Education and Centers
Graduate Assistant Internet
Externally Supported