Band Registration

Band Registration Form

Gypsy Day Parade band registration has closed for 2016. Enjoy the parade!
Bands are placed in the parade based on when registration is officially received in the computer database. Although every effort is made to make the day rewarding for all bands, for the sake of fairness, it is not possible to grant special requests for parade placement.
There is a$40 fee for entry into the parade. Pleasemake checks outto NSU Bands and send to:
Laura Haar
NSU Bands
1200 S Jay St.
Aberdeen, SD 57401
General Information
PLEASE NOTE SOME SLIGHT VARIATIONS IN TIMING MAY OCCUR DUE TO ELEMENTS BEYOND NSU'S CONTROL. Please check the official yearly director's letter FOLLOWING REGISTRATION for specifics in any given year.
  • Parade begins at 9 a.m. Please have your band ready by 8:45 a.m.
From Highway 281 South - Turn east onto Melgaard Road. Turn north onto Lincoln Street. Turn east onto 12th Avenue SE.
From Highway 281 North - Turn east onto 6th Avenue SE (Highway 12). Turn south onto Main Street. Turn east onto 12th Avenue SE.
From Highway 12 East - Turn south onto State Street. Turn west onto 12th Avenue SE.
From Highway 12 West - Turn south onto Main Street. Turn east onto 12th Avenue SE.
  • HOMEROOM: If you have requested a home room, you can report to the Johnson Fine Arts Center on the NSU campus any time after 7:45 a.m. on Saturday. Please have your band ready by 8:45 a.m.
  • LINEUP PROCEDURE AND PARADE ROUTE: Please refer to the attached map for the proper staging area for your band. The parade route is a straight-line march South on Main Street.
  • JUDGING: Judges are selected based on expertise in the music education and marching mediums.
  • PARADE RULES: We are making every attempt to keep the parade under 2 hours. Please prepare for and understand parade officials who take an urgent toneregarding parade tempo and spacing.
The judges will be early in the parade on a truck at the Coca-Cola Bottling Company,at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Main. There will be a sign notifying you of their location approximately one block in advance. Competing bands are required to play at this time. A person holding a sign stating "Play Now" will be set up1/2 block in front of the judging area.
In order to allow individualism of styles, street drills are permitted as long as forward motion is maintained. Excessively slow routines causing a breakdown in the integrity of the parade will be penalized at the discretion of the rules judge. No stopping is permitted at any time except if the entire parade stops. In the past, there has been controversy regarding bands stopping before the judging area to set lines. This is not allowed. Any infraction of regulations will result in a 5-point penalty subtracted from the final score.
  • CLASS SIZES: 9-12 enrollment less than 100=C, 101-199=B, 200-400=A, 401- AA

    Directors may register their band in larger classes if so desired.
  • COMPLIMENTARY GAME PASSES: Bands will receive official NSU Marching Wolves games passes via email. Please print, cut, and distribute to your students who plan to attend the game.


Directors are highly encouraged to bring their band to the Gypsy Day game and sit in the area adjacent to the NSU Marching Wolves. The NSU Marching Wolves display an excellent example of energy and school spirit in the bleachers. They will also perform both a pre-game and half-time show. The Marching Wolves student leaders are highly dynamic at the game and this is a great opportunity to display student leadership to your band as well as expose them to the NCAA game day atmosphere. Please offer this as an option to students who stay for the day, even if you are sending the buses home.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: The parade and game will proceed rain or shine. The awards ceremony will be relocated in the event of inclement weather.
  • AWARDS: The awards ceremony will take place on the campus green immediately following the last band in the parade the parade will not be completely over. Bands will be awarded division ratings with superior ratings receiving a Gold Award, excellent ratings receiving a Silver Award and good ratings receiving a Bronze Award. An overall Sweepstakes Award will be given for the highest combined points in all captions.
The NSU Marching Wolves will perform for the bands followed by the awards. The Marching Wolves performance will begin promptly as the last band arrives from the parade route. If your band wishes to watch the rest of the parade, they must know to arrive on the campus green by the time the last band arrives. Water will be provided at the awards ceremony.
  • BUS PARKING: Buses are to park on either the Johnson Fine Arts Center or the Barnett Center Parking lots. Do not pick your students up on Main Street. Simply have your band continue marching east on 12th Avenue - approximately three blocks - to campus and your buses.
  • PARADE ORDER: The bands are listed in order of registration as stated in the registration policy.
Good luck to you and your band! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing your band. If you have any questions, you can reach me at or call 605-626-2501. Thank you!