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Languages, Literature, and Speech Communication
Dr. Ginny Lewis, Chair 
Technology Center 249
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2404
E-mail: Mary Kost
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English and Linguistics


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​Northern's English major provides a solid foundation for a wide variety of careers by preparing you to read, think, and write critically. Studying English at Northern, you'll learn to understand and appreciate the literary expression of human thought.
With an English degree from Northern, you'll have the communications skills needed for positions in business, industry, and state and federal service. You'll also be prepared for professional schools in law, journalism, and medicine, as well as graduate studies in English or linguistics.
Literature courses offer you access to new ways of looking at and making sense of the world; composition courses help you process information and communicate your views effectively and persuasively; linguistics courses help you understand the rules that make language intelligible.
An internship through Northern's English Department gives you a chance to explore your career preference, applying your English skills within the context of a practical challenge. 
If you're planning to teach at the secondary level, pursue the Bachelor of Science in Education, which provides certification by the S.D. State Department of Education.
Northern Lights Journal
Northern Lights is an online journal of selected original works by NSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Aberdeen community. All written works can be submitted via email to


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" ... The English program here at NSU teaches students not only how to analyze literary works and write papers, but also so much about history. English will also be able to help me read and understand  ... cases and documents within my future law practice."
 - Kody Kyriss, English and History major