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History, Geography, Political Science and Sociology 
Dr. Steven Usitalo, Chair
Technology Center 358
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2601
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History and Geography
History and Geography will help you understand American society and the world, both past and present. The study of history at Northern State University is not simply the rote memorization of dates, names, places, and endless facts. Instead, it is the investigation of an interesting, living past that both helps us to understand our own times and offers intriguing suggestions as to what might lie ahead in the future.
The history program at Northern provides a background for a variety of occupations and careers. The history major trains students to think and write critically and clearly, and offers a means of understanding American society and the world, both past and present. In addition to preparing students for careers in secondary school teaching, it provides a firm foundation for careers in business, law, journalism, publishing, government, library science, museum work, and other fields


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Geography studies people, place, and environment. Geographers use a spatial perspective to describe, explain, and understand connections among the physical and cultural phenomena that distinguish places around the world.


Geography’s spatial perspective can be used to study all aspects of people and places. A geography minor compliments all of the majors in social sciences and most majors in the physical sciences. Geography’s global perspective and cultural studies enhance degrees in business, fine arts, and education.