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Graham Hall 123
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2552
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NSU to host South Dakota Geographic Bee
​ABERDEEN, S.D. – Northern State University will host the South Dakota National Geographic Bee on Friday, April 5.

Students in grades 4-8 from across the state will compete. Preliminary rounds begin at 10 a.m. in Krikac Auditorium and the Johnson Fine Arts Center. The final round begins at 1 p.m. in Krikac Auditorium.

The National Geographic Society organizes the Geographic Bee, and this year’s state sponsors are Google and Plum Creek. The Geographic Bee is hosted by the NSU Honors Program and the NSU College of Arts and Sciences. 
 Below, participating students are listed alphabetically by town:
                         Student                                                    School name                                                     School city 
                   ABBY J OTTEN                                                                        HOLGATE MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                 ABERDEEN                                                                              
                   MICAH J DOHRER                                                                MAY OVERBY SCHOOL                                                                           ABERDEEN
                   MAGGIE L ADAMS                                                               O M TIFFANY ELEMENTARY                                                                 ABERDEEN
                   CONNOR B HANSEN                                                           RONCALLI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                   ABERDEEN
                   CHRISTOPHER M PAGE                                                    SIMMONS MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                              ABERDEEN
                   ALEX G GRIFFITH                                                                 ALCESTER‑HUDSON                                                                                 ALCESTER
                   NICHOLAS S HANSON                                                       BRANDON VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL                                            BRANDON
                   MARK S VANDERZEE                                                          GEORGE S. MICKELSON MIDDLE SCH                                          BROOKINGS
                   ROBERT C HANSEN                                                             HARDING COUNTY SCHOOL                                                               BUFFALO
                   CATHERINE L VOGEL                                                          TRI‑VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                          COLTON
                   COLTON WOLBRINK                                                          DAKOTA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL                                                            CORSICA
                   CLAYTON S MENNING                                                       CORSICA SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                               CORSICA
                   JOSHUA L LEHMAN                                                            ELK POINT‑JEFFERSON                                                                           ELK POINT
                   JULIA I NEUHARTH                                                             EUREKA PUBLIC SCHOOL                                                                     EUREKA
                   CUTTER GILLASPIE                                                              STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOLS                                                               FORT PIERRE
                   RYAN C FICK                                                                           GARRETSON PUBLIC SCHOOL                                                           GARRETSON
                   DEREK W JOHNSON                                                           HARRISBURG MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                       HARRISBURG
                   GABRIEL M CLARK                                                              HITCHCOCK‑TULARE ELEMENTARY                                                 HITCHCOCK
                   NATHAN D MOON                                                               HURON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                    HURON
                   BRANDON T RUPP                                                              LWC MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                          LENNOX
                   KANE P WILLIAMS                                                              MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                               MADISON
                   LILY T WOLFF                                                                         MADISON ELEMENTARY                                                                        MADISON
                   SHANE H BOOMER                                                              BENNETT COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH                                                    MARTIN
                   ZACHARY R BERTOLOTTO                                                MC INTOSH PUBLIC                                                                                MCINTOSH
                   JAMES D WEBER                                                                  MILBANK MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                MILBANK
                   TREVOR G PARMELY                                                          MILLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                                         MILLER
                   CAROLINE C TITZE                                                               L.B. WILLIAMS ELEMENTARY SCHOO                                           MITCHELL
                   SPENCER S MOHR                                                               MITCHELL MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                              MITCHELL
                   BRAEDEN G NYDAM                                                           MITCHELL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL                                                        MITCHELL
                   JOSEF K JACKSON                                                                NEWELL                                                                                                          NEWELL
                   PETE M MACKEPRANG                                                     DAKOTA VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                 NORTH SIOUX CITY
                   KOLE S PICKNER                                                                   SULLY BUTTES HIGH SCHOOL                                                           ONIDA
                   HALEY K BIALAS                                                                    PARKSTON JR/SR HIGH SCHOOL                                                     PARKSTON
                   MC KENZIE A DURAND                                                     PIEDMONT VALLEY ELEMENTARY                                                    PIEDMONT
                   RIGGS F SANCHEZ                                                               GEORGIA MORSE MIDDLE SCHOOL                                               PIERRE
                   KIAN PAUL                                                                               BUCHANAN ELEMENTARY                                                                    PIERRE
                   NATHANAEL N HILL                                                            PIERRE AREA HOMESCHOOLERS                                                      PIERRE
                   EMMA LITTLEFIELD                                                             WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY                                                              PIERRE
                   ADDISYN S GRUIS                                                                MC KINLEY ELEMENTARY                                                                     PIERRE
                   ADAM J GOEDEN                                                                 JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY                                                                     PIERRE
                   ANDREW J HERRLEIN                                                        SAINT JOSEPH CATHOLIC SCHOOL                                                 PIERRE
                   WESTON TOBIN                                                                    PLANKINTON ELEMENTARY                                                                PLANKINTON
                   SAM C MATTHES                                                                  ZION LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                                                    RAPID CITY
                   IAN C BECKET                                                                         RAPID CITY AREA HOME EDUCATORS                                          RAPID CITY
                   AARON M WIRTZ                                                                 ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                                       RAPID CITY
                   KASEY L SCHUTTE                                                                REDFILD JUNIOR HIGH                                                                         REDFIELD
                   BENNETT M OSBORN                                                         REDFIELD ELEMENTARY                                                                        REDFIELD
                   RACHEL E BLACK                                                                  RUTLAND IND. 39‑4                                                                               RUTLAND
                   BRADY J DANNENBRING                                                 SIOUX FALLS LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                                  SIOUX FALLS
                   OLIVER BARNES                                                                    ST MARY SCHOOL                                                                                     SIOUX FALLS
                   ASA P CHRISTENSEN                                                          GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                       SIOUX FALLS
                   JOHN A STEELE                                                                      GREATER SIOUX FALLS HOMESCHOOL                                        SIOUX FALLS
                   JORGE A FREDRICKSON                                                   SIOUX FALLS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL                                                  SIOUX FALLS
                   MCKENZIE STRUCK                                                             ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL                                                                            SIOUX FALLS
                   ADAM WIEGERT                                                                   PATRICK HENRY MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                 SIOUX FALLS
                   TYLER J NEELY                                                                        O'GORMAN JR. HIGH SCHOOL                                                         SIOUX FALLS
                   MOLLY M WETSCH                                                             GARFIELD‑CHALLENGE CENTER                                                        SIOUX FALLS
                   SAMUEL LING                                                                        CHRISTIAN CENTER                                                                                  SIOUX FALLS
                   JOHN T PELLMAN                                                                ST LAMBERT SCHOOL                                                                             SIOUX FALLS
                   NOAH SCHULDT                                                                   EDISON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                    SIOUX FALLS
                   GILBERT DEWITTE                                                               LAURA WILDER ELEMENTARY                                                           SIOUX FALLS
                   CAREY J SCHAVE                                                                   WHITTIER MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                               SIOUX FALLS
                   LUCAS B BERTHELSEN                                                       CHRIST THE KING ELEMENTARY                                                       SIOUX FALLS
                   NOLAN D WIPF                                                                     MEMORIAL MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                            SIOUX FALLS
                   MAX W HAWKINS                                                               AXTELL PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                       SIOUX FALLS
                   HANNAH R MATZNER                                                        STICKNEY                                                                                                       STICKNEY
                   BRIDGER J GORDON                                                          STURGIS WILLIAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL                                         STURGIS
                   CODY R FISCHER                                                                  TRIPP‑DELMONT SCHOOL                                                                   TRIPP
                   TRISTEN R RUESCH                                                             VERMILLION MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                         VERMILLION
                   MATTHER RAUSCH                                                              ST MARTIN LUTHERAN SCHOOL                                                      WATERTOWN
                   HAZEL E OHM                                                                        WATERTOWN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                      WATERTOWN
                   JOHN R MAHER                                                                    GREATER BELLE FOURCHE AREA HOM                                         WHITEWOOD
                   ERIN M MC CARTHY                                                           SACRED HEART MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                   YANKTON
                   JAVIER M LOPEZ                                                                   YANKTON MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                               YANKTON