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Annual plant sale April 22-23 at NSU

ABERDEEN, S.D. – From purple hearts to cherry tomatoes, an assortment of garden goodies awaits patrons of the plant sale next week at Northern State University.

The NSU Science Club’s annual plant sale will be Tuesday and Wednesday, April 22 and 23, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. both days in the Student Center. Earth Day is April 22.

Proceeds from the sale will be split between the Science Club, a student organization on campus; and a future project for landscaping for a Habitat for Humanity house.


Plants for sale will include tomatoes – both cherry and regular – and hot peppers. Below is a listing of some of the other plants that will be available, along with descriptions:


This is a desert-type of plant, so it doesn’t need much water.  If the leaves feel soft and squishy, you are watering it too much. It also likes to be crowded, so keeping it in a small pot is ok. Put it somewhere where it will get a lot of sun. Break off a leaf and use it to soothe sunburn or other types of burns.​


This is a plant that prefers quite a bit of shade. It can be outdoors in the summer if shaded and watered often enough. It will flower, but the flowers are small and should be removed to help the plant grow better. If it gets tall and starts to tip over, pinch it back.  ​

This plant can be outside during the summer. It takes a lot of sun and can get fairly dry without any problems. When the flowers are done, pinch them back all the way to where the flower stalk meets the stem. This will help it flower more. If you want it to survive more than one season, bring it indoors over the winter.  ​

Maternity plant
This plant is known for its reproduction of itself – the small structures on the ends of the leaves drop off and start new plants. It doesn't need a lot of water. 

If kept in a small pot, this plant needs quite a bit of water. In a larger pot it will need less water. This one grows fast, so you may need to pinch it back often.  ​

Purple heart
This plant grows fast. It is a trailing plant, so put it in a hanging basket or in a planter where the leaves can hang down. It will tolerate some sun — it can be outside during the summer or it makes a fine houseplant.

Spider plant
This plant will work in a pot or in a hanging basket. The roots will get big, so you may need to transplant it into a bigger pot every once in a while. Check it for water once or twice a week. If the soil is wet an inch down in the pot, do not water it - even if the top is dry!