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Graham Hall 123
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2552
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NSU spring commencement set for May 4
ABERDEEN, S.D. – More than 250 students will graduate at Northern State University’s spring commencement.
The ceremony will begin at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 4, in the NSU Barnett Center.

ESPN sports journalist and best-selling author Buster Olney will deliver the commencement address. Olney, a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine, has ties with the university through his work writing a book about legendary Northern basketball coach Don Meyer, “How Lucky You Can Be.”

A list of graduates and their degrees follows.
Graduate Studies
Master of Science
        Anqi Wang (Training and Development in E-learning)
Master of Science in Education 
        Kris A. Barton (Counseling: Agency)
        Megan C. Betz (Sport Performance and Leadership)
        Megan L. Brink (Counseling: Agency)
        Ashley A. Broderick (Counseling: Agency)
        Tomee L. Brown (Counseling: Agency)
        Joanna L. Dye (Counseling: School)
        Angel M. Feiock (Counseling: Agency)
        Gary C. Gall (Sport Performance and Leadership)
        Laci Hettick (Educational Studies)
        James J. Jarvis (Sport Performance and Leadership)
        Bobbie Kristina Kilber (Leadership)
        Meaghan N. Laetsch (Sport Performance and Leadership)
        Christina Blair Lloyd (Counseling: School)
        Jennifer Marie Lucero (Counseling: Agency)
        MJ Lunzman (Educational Studies)
        Stephanie Mach (Counseling: School)
        Dyneil D. Moriarty (Counseling: Agency)
        Brett Charles Newton (Counseling: School)
        Jaimie L. Odde (Leadership)
        Jaime D. O'Neal (Counseling: School)
        Thomas M. Parks (Sport Performance and Leadership)
        Regina Rasmussen Gomes (Educational Studies)
        CallieJo Schilling (Teaching and Learning)
        Holly A. Schumacher (Leadership)
        Ashley Seedorf (Counseling: Agency)
        Travis G. Titus (Educational Studies)
        Kendra J. Titze (Teaching and Learning)
        Katrina M. Umanah (Counseling: Agency)
        Amy L. Walker (Counseling: Agency)
        Cong Yu (Educational Studies)
College of Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in Honoribus
***        Mikayla M. Barondeau (English: Writing)
***        Samantha J. Bullard (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
***        Allison Lynn Schmitz (German)
  **        Haley Zerr (English)
Bachelor of Arts
  ** Joseph M. Adam (History)
        Zachary R. Anderson (Political Science)
        Carley Axdahl (Sociology: Human Services)
        Holly L. Barkley (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Nikki L. Bauman (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Paul L. Belford, Jr. (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Jeremy A. Beulah (History)
        Kemari J. Blumhardt (Sociology: Human Services)
        Chase A. Dykema (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Trent W. Ehler (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Jared T. Embury (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Jesse H Gonzalez (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Margaret J. Gould (Sociology: Human Services)
        Tessa S. Grenz (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Gabriel J. Guthrie (History)
    * Brianna A. Hamil (History)
    * Kelli Marie Hart (English: Writing)
        Brandon P. Heim (Sociology: Human Services)
        Greg Henderson (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Trene J. Henderson (Sociology: Human Services)
        Ashley K. Houge (English)
    * Yosevu C. Kimuyu Kilonzo (English: Teaching English as a Second Language)
  ** Rebekah Kathrine Koeck (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
    * Anne Kathleen Kusler (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Ambria N. Loban (Sociology: Human Services)
        Heather M. Maier (Sociology: Human Services)
        Mandela N. Matasu (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Jennifer Mellette (Political Science)
        Marissa E. Mickelson (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Tanae' A. Muldoon (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Robert Neisen (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Kevin W. Nilson (History)
        Mindy J. Pfaff (Sociology: Human Services)
        Nicole Rausch (Sociology: Human Services)
    * Peter S. Ryman (History)
        Jason M. Schumacher (History)
    * Alyssa D. Seaton (Sociology: Gerontology)
        Danielle L. Splonskowski (English)
        Austin J. Suther (History)
***   Eric T. Swain (Spanish)
        Rebecca Tesch (Spanish)
        Emeline L. Tuakalau (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
        Fesi Vaisigano (Sociology: Human Services)
        Jordan T. Wald (History)
        Matthew C. Williams (Sociology: Criminal Justice)
Bachelor of General Studies
        Kendra J. Bornhoft (General Studies)
        Jenn Drapeaux (General Studies)
        Jodi Holland (General Studies)
        Cynthia A. Konechne (General Studies)
        Teri L. Lewis (General Studies)
        Troy D. Metzinger (General Studies)
        Brittney A. Olfert (General Studies)
    * Jerry T. Taylor (General Studies)
Bachelor of Science in Honoribus
    * Brittany K. Hiten (Biology; Environmental Science)
Bachelor of Science
        Emily J. Becken (Medical Laboratory Science)
    * Tafney L. Burzlaff (Medical Laboratory Science; Biology)
       Kipp K. Cross (Biology)
        Geoffrey Firmin (Biology)
        Renee Christine Gittings (Biology)
  ** Sarah Estelle Hintz (Biology)
        Alana A. King (Environmental Science; Biology)
        BrookeLynn M. Lacher (Biology)
        Amy N. Miles (Biology)
        Nathan K. Nietfeld (Environmental Science)
        Amber R. Olson (Biology)
        Katie J. Peterson (Medical Laboratory Science)
        Shawn B. Schnabel (Chemistry: Forensic Science; Management)
        Charlotte Sindjeu (Medical Laboratory Science)
        Rachel Lynn South (Medical Technology; Biology)
    * Thomas W. Therkelsen (Environmental Science; Biology)
        Mason J. Thorstad (Biology)
        Ashley R. Vincent (Medical Laboratory Science)
        Jessica M. Williams (Environmental Science; Biology)
Bachelor of Science in Education in Honoribus
***        Mikayla M. Barondeau (English)
***        Devena R. Holmes (English)
***        Allison Lynn Schmitz (Mathematics)
***        Kerry Sylvia Ruth Shannon (English)
Bachelor of Science in Education
***   Caitlin Marie Friesz (Social Science)
        Sarah M. Honerman (English)
        Laura E. McCowan (History)
        Michelle Lee Moeding (Mathematics)
        Tyler James Munson (History)
***   Eric T. Swain (Mathematics)
        Chris Ulrich Associate of Arts
        Chasity L. Bowling (General Studies)
        Lyndee Gienger (General Studies)
        James Alan Knapp (General Studies)
        Callie J. Palmquist (General Studies)
        Kari L. Reams (General Studies)
School of Business
Bachelor of Arts
        Erin Michel Coffey (International Business)
  ** Katie M. Thell (International Business)
Bachelor of Science in Honoribus
    * Jennifer L. Kilber (Marketing)
***  Joseph A. Klipfel (Marketing)
Bachelor of Science
        Luke Hotvet (Marketing)
        Scott M. Biegler (Business Administration)
    * Lance A. Bonn (Management)
        Bethany J. Booze (Management)
        Benjamin C. Buckingham (Marketing)
        Mathew Michael Campton (Management)
        Rachel E. Clark (Business Administration)
        Douglas J. Dickey (Management)
        Erica R. Fettig (Management)
        Jared C. Fischbach (Business Administration)
        William Cragg Fisher (Business Administration)
    * Maria L. Franker (Professional Accountancy; Banking and Financial Services)
***  Kelli Gereau (Finance; Economics)
        Jonathan A. Gobczynski (Management)
        Jason James Gonsor (Banking and Financial Services)
        Morghan M. Groft (Business Administration)
        Tyler J. Haaland (Marketing)
        Austin J. Hawkinson (Banking and Financial Services)
        Danielle N. Hodgman (Accounting)
    * Ryan D. Hoffman (Professional Accountancy)
       Jennifer L. Kenzy (Business Administration)
        Kyeongrim Kim (Business Administration)
        Andrew A. Koistinen (Finance)
        Zach Kosters (Business Administration)
        Cameron Lehner (Management)
        Lukus Richard Leidholt (Business Administration)
  ** Michelle E. Lesnar (Economics; Finance)
    * Robin M. Matushin (Accounting)
        Tyler R. Meidinger (Business Administration)
        Curtis J. Miller (Management)
        Christopher Morton (Business Administration)
        Amber Rae Mundwiler (Management)
        MacKenzie A. Musel (Professional Accountancy)
        Tanner Myers (Management Information Systems)
        Jessica L. Nelson (Marketing)
    * Yeong-Ung Noh (Business Administration)
  ** Randi R. Olson (Accounting)
  ** Kayla J. Ronne (Management)
        Allison Samuels (Marketing)
        Julie A. Saucerman (Management)
  ** Jill L. Schaefer (Professional Accountancy; Banking and Financial Services)
        Joshua Thomas Shilman (Business Administration)
        Joseph E. Siebert (Business Administration)
        Amanda L. Steckelberg (Management)
        Ryan Michael Swenson (Marketing)
        Derek M. Swisher (Management Information Systems)
  ** Katie M. Thell (Management)
        Jesse W. Warren (Management)
        Calley M. Worth (Marketing)
Associate of Science
        Kayla B. Dowling (Business Administration)
        Katie H. Nix (Banking and Financial Services)
        Eric C. Stahl (Business Administration)
School of Education
Bachelor of Science in Honoribus
*** Samantha J. Bullard (Psychology)
  ** Danielle B. Larson (Human Performance and Fitness: Health and Fitness for Older Adults)
Bachelor of Science
    * Ashley N. Gabler (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Troy R. Adams (Psychology)
        Amy L. Bahr (Psychology)
        Tiffany J. Baker (Psychology)
        Holly L. Barkley (Psychology)
        Gretchen L. Brown (Psychology)
        Nathaniel C. Brown (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Lindsay L. Bruce (Psychology)
        Jeb S. Clay (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Jennifer M. Ehresmann (Psychology)
        Rachel L. Goslinga (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Kirby Shawn Gregg (Psychology)
        Mark S. Hanley (Human Performance and Fitness: Personal Training/Strength and Conditioning)
        Jessica A. Horn (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Matthew Gordon Johnson (Psychology)
        Theresa J. Knapp (Human Performance and Fitness: Personal Training/Strength and Conditioning)
        Brent M. Lawrence (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Gerardo Magana (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Heather M. Maier (Psychology)
        Emily Tarnowski (Psychology)
        Matthew C. Meuleners (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Megan Elizabeth Miller (Psychology)
  ** Taylor Antoine Morsching (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Kyle W. Nemec (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Brooke A. Norris (Human Performance and Fitness)
  ** Brandon J. Pokarney (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        Collin A. Pryor (Psychology; Biology)
        Matthew W. Racowschi (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Jeffrey M. Ross (Sport Marketing and Administration)
    * Megan C. Thalhuber (Human Performance and Fitness)
        Nathan A. Thomas (Psychology)
  ** Alyssa L. Thyen (Psychology)
        Brian D. Van Heerde (Sport Marketing and Administration)
        John W. Wegehaupt (Sport Marketing and Administration; Management)
        Kammie V. Weissenfluh (Psychology)
        Anna M. Woerle (Psychology)
Bachelor of Science in Education
  ** Ella Jeanne Campbell (Elementary Education)
  ** Sara Marie Enstad (Elementary Education)
        Samantha J. Francis (Physical Education)
    * Chad R. Gibson (Elementary Education)
    * Karli L. Gilbertson (Elementary Education)
  ** Jamie Jo Golden (Physical Education)
  ** Hilary A. Gorder (Elementary Education)
    * Lyndsey A. Hartung (Elementary Education)
***        Brittany A. Kranz (Elementary Education; Special Education)
        Cara M. Kratovil (Elementary Education)
        Laura J. Opsahl (Elementary Education; Special Education)
        Danielle Remillard (Elementary Education)
    * Elissa R. Reppe (Elementary Education)
    * Kelsey R. Rozell (Elementary Education)
    * Richard Schmit (Elementary Education)
        Robert Smith (Physical Education)
        Stephanie Snow (Elementary Education; Special Education)
***   Robert Stahl (Elementary Education)
  ** Karissa Stein (Elementary Education)
        Maggie M. Stern (Elementary Education)
        Britlyn V. Sturlaugson (Elementary Education)
***   Bailey Marie Swenson (Elementary Education; Special Education)
        Lindsey M. Varnell (Physical Education)
    * Allyson Jayne Waldner (Elementary Education)
  ** Jami Whitney (Elementary Education)
        Laurie L. Zemlicka (Elementary Education)
        Catherine Zimmermann (Physical Education)
School of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts
    * Erin R. Crawford (Art: Multimedia)
        Brady L. Haar (Music)
        James R. Hadden (Music)
    * Seth M. Honerman (Musical Theatre)
  ** Julia Elise Owens (Art: Fine Arts)
        Megan E. Schaefer (Art: Fine Arts)
    * Melissa F. Sletto (Art: Fine Arts)
        Paul B. Stogsdill (Art: Advertising Design)
        Benjamin P. Villa (Music; Musical Theatre)
Bachelor of Music Education in Honoribus
***        Megan R. Case (Music: Instrumental, Vocal)
Bachelor of Music Education
        Lea Elizabeth Belle Kooiman (Music: Instrumental, Vocal)
       Joel Schlottman (Music: Instrumental)
    * Jordan D. Seidel (Music: Instrumental)
***        Amy L. Wietgrefe (Music: Instrumental, Vocal)
***Candidate for Summa Cum Laude
  **Candidate for Magna Cum Laude
    *Candidate for Cum Laude