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International Programs
Connie Ruhl-Smith, Director

Lincoln Hall 206
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-7802
Email: Stacey Schmidt
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International Programs
F-1 Students
Requirements for F-1 Students
Must be in good academic standing and immigration status. Work is limited to 20 hours per week (part-time) total for all jobs during the academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring), and when the student is enrolled full-time (including Summer). More than 20 hours (full-time) allowed only during breaks and vacations when not enrolled full-time (winter break, spring break, summer vacation). If a student is graduating in the summer and has authorization to be less than full-time due to last quarter, the student is still limited to 20 hours per week because summer is not considered a vacation term in this situation.
Additional Requirements
Please note the following additional requirements:
  • May work only at Northern State University, including on-location commercial firms such as Aramark.


  •  To be eligible to work during vacation periods-normally winter break, spring break and summer vacation-international students must be registered full-time for the next academic term. If the end of an academic term and the beginning of a subsequent vacation period starts before the end of the standard work week, distribution of hours over the week should be made accordingly. For example, if the academic term ends on a Thursday, and hours worked Monday through Thursday are 16, the total number of hours that full week may exceed 20 if additional hours beyond 4 are worked on Friday. Resident assistant positions and graduate assistantships are on-campus employment, thus the hours worked for these positions are counted against the total hours allowed.


  • Individual tutoring is considered self-employment and is not allowed.


  • International students are not eligible for Work Study positions.


  • On-campus employment eligibility ends after completion of academic program, but may continue if the student has been issued an I-20 to begin a new program at NSU.