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Johnson Fine Arts Center
Our Past     Our Present     Our Future     Our Vision 
The NSU School of Fine Arts is working to raise $13 million to renovate the Johnson Fine Arts Center, provide updated equipment and furnishings, and continue providing valuable scholarship assistance to recruit and retain the finest fine arts students in the upper Midwest. MORE
$13 million needed
$11.3 million raised
(to date, 4/8/14)
Help make the vision a reality
Contact: Dean of Fine Arts Dr. Alan LaFave, 605-626-2497
or NSU Foundation President Mr. Todd Jordre, 605-626-3005
JFAC today

JFAC tomorrow

The renovation and addition to the Johnson Fine Arts Center will include:
• Updated main theatre (seats, lights, sound, shell, acoustics)
• Black Box Theatre
• Art Gallery
• Expanded lobby/foyer space
• Box office/patron drop off zone
• New music faculty teaching studios
• New theatre faculty and staff offices
• New student practice rooms
• New general purpose classrooms
• Costume shop relocation and expansion
• Dressing room renovations and expansion
• Green room/conference room
• Music education lab
• Keyboard lab
• New instrumental rehearsal hall/classroom
 Current Floor Plan
 Proposed Floor Plan

Future Front Entrance at Night

If improved, this well-known campus and community arts center may serve the needs of the university, community and region for the next 40 years.  Your valuable assistance will help us grow and continue to provide the highest quality educational and programmatic experience
for NSU students, the community and region. Thank you!