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School of Fine Arts

Dean: Dr. Alan LaFave


Spafford Hall 316

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2497

Fax: 605-626-2263

E-mail: Boyd Perkins


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Johnson Fine Arts Center Auditorium Specifications

Stage space
Proscenium width: 60′
Proscenium height: 22′
Stage width, wall to wall: 100′
Stage depth (act curtain to back wall): 40′
Stage depth (orchestra pit to back wall): 55′
Portal width (closed down with the act curtain): 40′
Portal height (masked down with the valance) 16′
Height of stage above auditorium floor: 3′ 6″

Depth of auditorium: 74′


There are permanent stairs from the auditorium to the stage on each side of the orchestra pit.

Depth from the curtain line to:
• Down Stage Edge of the orchestra pit: -15′
• Mid Stage Black Traveler: 10′
• Up Stage Black Traveler: 29′
• Cyc: 37′
• Back wall: 40′


Depth from the down stage edge of the orchestra pit to:
• Front curtain: 15′
• Mid stage black traveler: 25′
• Up stage black traveler: 44′
• Cyc: 52′
• Back wall: 55′


All stage curtains, except the main curtain, are black velour. The main curtain is gold velour.
• Three sets of side curtains (legs) are hung 8′, 17′ and 27′ upstage of the main. These curtains are hung parallel to the front edge of the stage and form a 40′ wide opening. They are tied to overhead pipes and can not be easily moved on or off stage.
• There are two full stage black travelers. They are 10′ and 29′ behind the front curtain or 25′ and 44′ up stage of the front edge of the orchestra pit.
• The sky blue cyc (sky drop) is 37 feet upstage of the front curtain and 55′ from the front of the orchestra pit.