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School of Education
Dr. Constance Geier, Dean
Gerber Building 115
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2417
Fax: 605-626-3102
E-mail: Jackie Blide
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Praxis Test Information

PRAXIS I Information
If you're pursuing an education degree, plan to take the Pre-Professional Skills Testing (PPST) during your sophomore year. You can register for the PPST through University College.  For practice tests, visit:

Passing scores as indicated below must be obtained for admission to the teacher education program - Pre-Professional Skills Testing (PPST) scores or comparable Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores:
Reading - 173 Verbal - 360
Writing - 172 Quantitative - 410
Math - 171 (Minimum total of 1200 combined score-all three categories.)

PRAXIS II Information
If you've been admitted to teacher education and are planning to student teach, you must attend the Student Teaching Pre-registration Seminar the semester before your student teaching experience. You also must complete and pass the Praxis II content examination in your teaching major before student teaching.
Content area examinations are administered on the Northern campus 5 times each year; other national testing sites are available. As the student, you are responsible for registering (, paying for and completing the examination. Please indicate that test results should be sent to the South Dakota Department of Education and Northern State University. When teacher candidates official test results are posted on the ETS website, print the results and store them in a secure place; and electronically save results in several places, as the School of Education receives the score electronically from ETS. Paper copies of the results are no longer provided to Northern.
For you to receive teacher certification, the South Dakota Department of Education (SDDOE) requires the submission of passing scores on the Praxis II content exam for each teaching major and Principles of Learning and Teaching exam.  As a teacher candidate, if you didn't indicate that scores should be provided to SDDOE,  you'll need to furnish a paper copy of the results.
Preparation for Praxis II exams may be found at:
Praxis II testing
Tests to be taken & passed prior to student teaching:
K-8 Elementary Education - #0014 (pen & paper)*     
or #5014 (Computer Based) 

K-12 Art - #0134
K-12 Music - #0113
K-12 Physical Education - #0091
K-12 Special Education - #0354
7-12 Language Arts/English Education - #0041
7-12 Mathematics - #0061
7-12 History - #0941
7-12 Biology - #0235
7-12 Chemistry - #0245
Tests to be taken while student teaching:
Principles of Learning & Teaching K-6 -#0522       (#0622 after September 1, 2011)   
for Elementary Majors & Elementary/Special Education Double Majors
Principles of Learning & Teaching 7-12 #0524       (#0624 after September 1, 2011)          
for 7-12 Majors or K-12 Majors
* Instead of #0014/#5014 Eled/Sped Double majors may take Middle School Subjects Content Knowledge Exam - #0146
NOTE: See the South Dakota Department of Education Website for a full list of Praxis Exams:
Or, visit the ETS Praxis site with South Dakota information: