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NSU Reading Clinic

Dr. Timothy Houge, Director

Gerber 147
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D.  57401
Phone: 605-626-3169

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Reading Clinic Tutors' Comments
"Reading clinic gave me a good challenge, responsibility, and joy to help a student improve their reading skills!  It was so worth all the time I invested into it to see my student succeed!"

"Dr. Houge was very good about timely feedback.  He also was a great
encouragement when things did not go as planned with the tutee."

"I enjoyed Dr. Houge’s passion for teaching reading.  I am proud to have a professor that stands up for what he believes in and has ambition to make a change through his students."

"I found this class to be challenging as well as interesting. Dr. Houge is
passionate about what he is teaching, so he sets high standards for his class."

"Reading clinic taught me a lot about myself as a future teacher.
Dr. Houge lets us take the lead, which is always good!"

"Reading clinic is very beneficial for future elementary teachers.  It allows us to
practice teaching the phonics method.  Phonic does work!"

"Reading Clinic is a great tool for future teachers. 
It is our only experience in working with a student one-on-one."

"Reading Clinic is a tough course that requires a lot of self-motivation. A lot of my classmates complained about Dr. Houge, but if you just do the work you will be fine.  They don’t understand that he is putting full responsibility on you as a future teacher to accomplish these goals and to help the child learn.
Good course to prepare me for my future as a teacher."

"This course taught me that one-to-one instruction is very intense and demands a substantial amount of preparation. It helpedin  writing lesson plans for phonetic instruction,
administering assessments, and working with parents."

"I was surprised how much I enjoyed tutoring.  It has really helped me in my Junior Field Experience."

"The reading clinic experience was much better than having a lecture class.
I know that I learned so much more doing tutoring."

"Working with my tutee gave me a sense of responsibility and because of the
one-on-one contact it was easier to go into the classroom for my Junior Field Experience."