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Northern State University
Intramural Sports

We'd like you to stay active at Northern; that's why we offer so many intramural sports. Whether you’re a former high school athlete or just looking to have a good time, the intramural program at Northern will provide you with opportunities to stay fit, make friends and add to your overall college experience.


Intramural Sports offers a variety of traditional recreational activities such as softball, flag football, volleyball and basketball, as well as nontraditional activities such as dodgeball, ultimate (flying disc) and floor hockey. In addition, several tournaments are held throughout the year including tennis, racquetball and whiffleball.


This site will provide you with all the information you need to register a team or sign up for a tournament. If you don’t have enough students to form an intramural team, add your name to the Free Agent List at the Wellness Center and we’ll do our best to make sure you find a spot on a team.



Sportsmanship is a critical component of the intramural sports program at Northern. While we stress the recreational nature of intramural sports, we understand our programs bring out your competitive nature. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
We expect you, as a player, to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner before, during and after competitions. Officials, supervisors and administrators will decide when to warn, penalize or eject you or your team for poor sportsmanship. The decisions made by the intramural staff will be final.
Components of Sportsmanship
  • Team captains have control over their team and spectators.
  • Captains and players converse reasonably and rationally with officials and staff about calls and rule interpretations (In general, captains are the only players allowed to challenge or discuss calls with the officials.)
  • Participants will refrain from using abusive language, threatening behavior or physical contact directed at an official or opposing player and/or team.
  • Participants cooperate by responding to requests for information needed from intramural officials or staff.
  • Team members participate in the spirit and intent of the game rules and policies. Participants accept judgment calls and/or decisions made by officials during a game.
  • Throughout the contest teams demonstrate respect for their opponents as well as the facilities and equipment.



Job Opportunities

The Intramural Sports Office will begin hiring student employees the first week of the academic year. Students interested in working for Intramural Sports should contact Gary Gall, wellness & intramural sports graduate assistant, at the Wellness Center - located on the first floor of Dacotah Hall.