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Student Organizations and Clubs

​At Northern, there's a niche for you. Whatever you love, whatever you think you'd like to try - there's a club with members crazy about the same thing, looking for you to join.


More than 70 clubs are available to NSU students: academic, cultural, special interest, service, athletic, and more. Explore them through the Clubs & Organizations link at left. 



Start a Student Organization at Northern!

Any group of 10 or more Northern students desiring to establish an organization that supports the goals, purposes and values of the university may petition the Student Association for recognition.



New Student Organization Charter Application


A proposed organization must submit to the Student Association a full application consisting of the following described forms:


• Intent to Charter: a submitting organization may be granted the opportunity for limited organization privileges for 30 days. Such may include: reserving a meeting space up to 4 times for organizational planning purposes, advertising for the recruitment of members, and announcing planned meetings. Programs or social activities may not be conducted during the application period in the organization’s name.
• Advisor Agreement: a member of the NSU faculty or staff (required) who agrees in writing to advise the proposed organization.
• Organization Registration: obtain application from Office of Student Activities.
• Organization Constitution: 2 typewritten copies.
• Criteria for Student Organization Charter Approval: a typewritten statement explaining both the need for the organization and how the organization proposes to contribute to the quality of student life at NSU. This statement should address the criteria outlined below.
• The Charter Signature List: of at least 10 NSU students who are members of the organization. Individual permanent addresses should also be included on the list.
• University Media Board: approval required for campus media groups.
• Director of Student Activities: approval required for recreational and club sports.
Recognition Process
Preliminary Review: The Student Association Student Organization Review Committee (SORC) reviews the completed application, recommends or requires changes to ensure compliance with university policies, and forwards the application to Student Association with recommendations for action.
Presentation to the Student Association: The Student Association reviews new charter applications. The Student Association must then vote on the application within two weeks or at its next regularly scheduled meeting after receiving a request.


The SORC notifies the proposed organization that the application has been forwarded to the Student Association for action. The proposed organization is responsible to request being placed on the Student Association agenda and to appear before the voting body.
A representative from the proposed organization is required to make the presentation to the Student Association to explain the need for the organization and how the organization proposes to contribute to the quality of student life. Additionally, the representative should be prepared to respond to any questions regarding the application, proposed constitution, or other relevant information.
Criteria for Student Organization
Charter Approval The criteria which shall be used by the Student Association to determine whether a proposed organization deserves recognition is as follows:
1. Has the proposed organization accurately and completely fulfilled the requirements of submitting an application, constitution, and membership list?
2. Is there an identifiable need for the organization at Northern?
3. Will the proposed organization contribute to the quality of student life at Northern?
4. Does the proposed organization espouse a purpose and a program that makes it compatible with the mission, goals, and values of Northern?
5. Is there any other relevant, factual information that may affect the suitability of the organization’s chartering by Northern?


Student Association Approval Procedure
1. Following the presentation, the vice president of the Student Association shall open the question of approval of the application to debate.
a. If a member of the general assembly feels that additional research or review is necessary, a motion to send the application to the Student Association Student Organization Review Committee shall be in order and shall take precedence. The committee shall submit a recommendation at the next Student Association meeting.
b. If the application is not referred to the committee at the conclusion of debate, the question shall be put to a vote.
2. If approved and passed:
a. The Student Association forwards its recommendation within 1 week to the director of Student Development and Residence Life (DSDRL) for final review.
b. The DSDRL sends the newly recognized organization a letter informing it of its status as a chartered organization with all the rights and responsibilities therein.
c. If the Student Association recommends denial of recognition, the Student Association vice-president shall send a letter to the proposed organization providing specific reasons and the rationale for denial of recognition.
Denial of Recognition Appeal Process
A proposed organization denied recognition has several options in appeal. These are:
1. Address the reasons and rationale for denial and resubmit the application.
2. Appeal in writing to the director of Student Development and Residence Life and include the Student Association letter of denial and all materials presented in application. The DSDRL may:
a. work with the officers and advisor of the denied organization to address the reasons and rationale for denial,
b. request a place on the agenda of the next Student Senate meeting for a hearing regarding the denial, or
c. confirm in writing the findings of the Student Association.
Rights of Campus Organizations
As a chartered organization the rights, privileges and amenities include the following:
• Listing of the organization in the official publications of the university.
• Use of the university’s name in association with the name of the organization.
• Use of university facilities in accordance with the policies that govern them.
• Solicitation of membership on campus under the organization’s name.
• Solicitation of funds on campus under the organization’s name under the guidelines in the Student Handbook and Student Budget Allocation Committee.
• Use of university bulletin boards.
• Registration of events with the Student Development Center.
• Eligibility to petition the Student Association or Student Budget and Allocation Committee for funds to be used for activities for the organization the semester following charter recognition.
• Receipt of university publications to assist in the organization’s work.
• Right to actively promote the identity, goals, purposes, programs and activities of the organization. Active promotion may be regarded as:
  • wearing any clothing and/or accessories or paraphernalia displaying organization identity,
  • display and/or distribution of written publicity for the organization or a sponsored event,
  • public announcements at Northern events,
  • any visible sign that intimates or articulates promotion at on-campus and off-campus events, and
  • letters or any symbols that could be associated with the group.