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Student Conduct Policies

Student Code of Conduct Board Policy 3:4
The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to educate students about their civic and social responsibilities as members of the NSU campus community.

The primary focus of the student conduct process is on educational and corrective outcomes. The Student Code of Conduct is necessary to uphold community standards to protect all members of the university. Self-discipline and respect for the rights and privileges of others are essential to the educational process and to good citizenship, which is reflected throughout student conduct process.    
Student Academic Misconduct Board Policy 2:33
NSU is dedicated to the highest principles and standards of academic integrity. An academic violation by a student can negatively impact a class, program and/or college. Therefore, NSU believes that the severity of an academic infraction is best evaluated by the faculty of the institution. NSU seeks to offer students an opportunity to respond to allegations of academic misconduct before a decision is rendered.  This policy is intended to provide faculty and students with a fair process for addressing allegations of academic misconduct.

NSU Non-Academic Complaint Policy
This policy is designed to provide a student grievant with an opportunity to obtain an equitable resolution to alleged injustices or problems caused in part or whole by the actions or practices of NSU. Students who feel informal resolutions have not satisfactorily resolved the matter may initiate a formal grievance by filing a non-academic complaint.