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Northern State University
Student Rights and Responsibilities

Report an Incident

NSU Incident Reporting Form


Use the Incident Reporting Form to report concerns about a student’s safety or behavior that may pose a threat to another student. In this context, an "incident" is an event that does NOT warrant immediate intervention.


In an emergency or crisis situation that requires immediate intervention, call 9-911 from a campus phone or 911 from all other phones.


Student Handbook

Find the latest handbook HERE.


About the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities


This office promotes a just, safe, orderly, and supportive university climate.


We promote and enforce behavioral standards, administer disciplinary processes, provide staff training and educate through mediation, leadership development, disciplinary sanctions and other intervention efforts. 


We are dedicated to supporting students while maintaining a discipline process that is educational, equitable, expeditious, and just. We help you learn by administering a process that:


  • Teaches responsibility
  • Encourages the expression of diverse views and opinions, and
  • Validates healthy choices and the concepts of individual and community respect


We strive to help you mature and become a contributing citizen at Northern and within the community of Aberdeen. We help to create a university culture that is self-diciplined, where civility is embraced, and the community norms and actions validate the essential values of Northern: 


  • Personal and academic integrity
  • Respect for the dignity of all people and willingness to learn from the differences in people, ideas and opinions
  • Respect for the rights, property, and safety of others
  • Concern for others and their feelings and their need for conditions that support an environment where they can work, grow, and succeed at Northern