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The current job market has much variation regarding the availability of entry level jobs. Some areas, such as accounting, have strong needs. Others, such as fine arts, are much more competitive. However, vacancies do exist and strong candidates will be hired.


One of the best ways to strengthen your candidacy for employment is to complete one or more internships. Employers in many fields search for qualified candidates from all majors who are well-educated, willing to learn, and can demonstrate strong communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.


A successful job search may take as long as a year. The normal steps include writing and updating a quality resume, learning and practicing interview skills, preparing and sending appropriate documents to potential employers, and evaluating offers from those employers. For best results and least stress, start this process in the fall if you graduate in the within the coming year.


  • Identify an area of work or a given career/occupation that interests you.  For ideas and sources of information, visit the Career Services page or call 605-626-2371.  Start right away.
  • Attend a Job Search Strategies & Techniques workshop
  • Attend a workshop on résumé writing
  • Curriculum Vitae for fine arts and higher education positions will be covered separately from traditional and electronic résumés
  • Have your paper résumé evaluated by employment professionals (at least three sets of critical eyes). Call 605-626-2371 for a brief appointment.
  • Attend a workshop in interviewing
  • Participate in a mock interview--call 626-2371 for a brief appointment.
  • Attend the statewide Business, Industry, and Government (BIG) Job Fair or another job fair. Go to to find fair information.
  • Identify potential employers through publications, the Internet, or personal contacts. Career Services has resources and staff to assist you. Call for an appointment.
  • Compose a well-written cover letter for each employer and have each critiqued in the Writing Lab and the Career Center (multiple sets of eyes see different things). Attend the workshop for letters and reference lists.
  • Submit flawless materials to potential employers. Some fields may require a portfolio of your work.
  • Use Career Library resources in Graham Hall 212. Most can be checked out.
  • If considering graduate school, plan ahead
  • Persist in your efforts and consult with Career Services.
  • Use online tutorials to learn the basics of your job search.