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Choosing a Major: Enterprising

​Active Persuaders prefer to influence or lead others through selling the merits of ideas or products.



Majors/Minors Careers Campus Activities
Banking & Financial Services Account manager (sales) Accounting Club
Communication Advertising sales Business Club
Entrepreneurial Studies minor Agribusiness manager Chinese Student Association
Int'l Business Studies minor Animal shelter manager College Democrats
International Business Studies Assistant manager College Republicans
Management Athletic director Honors Program
Marketing Attorney International Student Club
  Brand manager Korean Student Association
  Business analyst Pi-Kappa Delta (speech & debate)
  Business consultant Residence Hall Councils
  Business manager S.E.R.V.E.
  Business owner Speech & Debate Club
  Buyer Student Association
  Computer operations manager Wolves Money Management
  Congressional staffer Work study & student labor positions
  Corporate trainer  
  Department manager  
  Elected official  
  Facilities manager  
  Financial planner  
  Food service manager  
  Fund raiser  
  Funeral director  
  Hotel/motel manager  
  Human resources associate  
  Human resources manager  
  Human resources recruiter  
  Institutional researcher  
  Investments manager  
  Loan officer  
  Manufacturing supervisor  
  Marketing associate  
  Marketing manager  
  Media marketing director  
  Military officer  
  Office manager  
  Personal shopper  
Program manager
  Properties manager  
  Public administrator  
  Public relations associate  
  Public relations manager  
  Retail manager  
  Revenue agent  
  Sales manager  
  Sales representative  
  Securities trader  
  Sport facility manager  
  Stage manager  
  Telemarketing supervisor  
  Tourism guide  
  Tourism manager  
  Trust manager  





This exercise is just a small step toward establishing your career goals.  Please use the resources of the Career Development & Placement Center (Student Center 240, Phone 626-2371) throughout your years at NSU.  For example, there is software available for finding current information about these occupations.  Call for an appointment if you need information about careers, decision-making, experience before you make a decision, job search help, and other related questions.