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Choosing a Major: Investigative Interests
Scientific problem-solvers take an analytical approach involving research, experimentation, or diagnosis.



Majors/Minors Careers Campus Activities
Biology Actuary Business Club
Biology Education Archaeologist Chess Club
Biotechnology (AS) Archivist College Democrats
Environmental Science Biochemist College Republicans
  Bioremediation emphasis  Biological technician English Club
  Wildlife Management Emph.  Biologist German Club
Chemistry Chemist History Club
Chemistry Education Chiropractor Honors Program
Chemistry-Forensic Science College professor International Student Association
Geography minor Coroner Korean Student Association
History Emergency medical tech. Pi-Kappa delta (speech & debate)
International Studies minor Engineer Science Club
Mathematics Environmental scientist S.E.R.V.E.
Mathematics Education Epidemiologist Sigma Tau Delta (English honor society)
Medical Laboratory Science Food scientist Speech & debate Club
Philosophy minor Forensic scientist Work study & student labor positions
Physics minor    Blood analyst   
Political Science    DNA analyst   
Pre-Chiropractic Health    Fingerprint analyst   
Pre-Dentistry    Firearms analyst   
Pre-Engineering Forester  
Pre-Journalism Geneticist  
Pre-Law GIS/GPS specialist  
Pre-Medicine Historian  
Pre-Mortuary Science Industrial chemist  
Pre-Nursing Industrial safety specialist  
Pre-Occupational Therapy Institutional researcher  
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Lab supervisor  
Professional Writing & Rhetoric Lab technician  
Psychology Mathematician  
Religious Studies minor Mathematics teacher  
Sociology, Professional Medical technologist  
  Military officer  
  Physician assistant  
  Preservation specialist  
  Research psychologist  
  Science teacher  
  Technical writer  
  Veterinary technician  

This exercise is just a small step toward establishing your career goals. Please use the resources of the Career Development & Placement Center (Student Center 240, Phone-626-2371) throughout your years at NSU. For example, there is software available for finding current information about careers, decision-making, experience before you make a decision, job search help, and other related questions.