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Student Center 240

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2371

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The Career Development & Placement Center can help you determine your educational and occupational interests, skills, and values to prepare you for setting personal goals and planning for future employment or other meaningful work.


The activities listed at the links on the left are some of the steps recommended for students to gather relevant information about themselves and occupations, gain real experience in employment fields, and prepare for the job market. Many small steps produce a journey. Even if you find yourself behind schedule, now is always a good time to start. Call 605-626-2371 for an appointment or stop by Room 217 in the Student Center for help.



Visit the Career Resources Library (Room 217) to:
  • Make the most of each and every course - be educated, not merely trained
  • Talk with a career counselor about your major/occupation choices, whether or not you have chosen a direction*
  • Browse the Career Resource Library resources
  • Learn about the tasks, skills, requirements, and benefits of an occupation
  • Attend a campus cultural event
  • See the Dept. of Labor - Aberdeen (Student Center Info. Desk, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesdays, plus Tuesdays in Sept.) for part-time opportunities
  • Explore possible summer jobs in your chosen occupation
  • Enroll in a challenging course - stretch your mind
  • Make friends with people different from yourself
  • Assess your interests, skills, values, and temperament with a counselor *
  • Introduce yourself to someone
  • Talk with your academic advisor about your major(s)**
  • Learn which jobs relate to which majors**
  • Join a campus club or group, for fun or professional development
  • Learn to do informational interviews with professionals in your field*
  • Shadow a professional in a field of interest*
  • Attend a campus social event
  • Enroll in/join a Learning Community
  • Enroll in the spring Career Exploration IDL class, 1 credit
  • Find out what personal qualities employers look for in new employees
  • Volunteer - see the Volunteer Service Clearinghouse in Student Center 234
  • Develop your leadership skills through clubs, classes, and workshops
  • Look into Student Association, Peer Helpers, or Residence Life positions
  • Pick up a copy of Black Collegian in the Student Center
  • Investigate website
  • Protect your credit, driving, and legal records
  • Protect your image online (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

* See the Career Development & Placement Center

** See above or your department for details




  • Talk with a career counselor about your major(s) and occupations *
  • Determine your academic major(s), minor(s)**
  • Attend a workshop on getting a summer job that relates to your plans
  • Attend a résumé workshop and write a résumé for a summer job
  • Shadow a professional in an interesting occupation*
  • Attend a campus athletic event
  • See the Dept. of Labor - Aberdeen (Student Center Info. Desk, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesdays plus Tuesdays in Sept.) staff for part-time opportunities
  • Take an active role in your extracurricular activities
  • Talk with professionals in your targeted fields*
  • Attend a campus cultural event
  • Learn about internship opportunities
  • Join a pre-professional club
  • Volunteer - see Volunteer Service Clearinghouse, Student Center 234
  • Participate in Student Association, Residence Life, Peer Helpers, Mentors, or Orientation Leaders
  • Attend a campus social activity
  • Investigate web site

* See the Career Development & Placement Center

** See above or your department for details




  • Research and explore your choice of possible graduate programs and schools*
  • Prepare for the appropriate graduate school entrance exam
  • Shadow in another work setting*
  • Enroll in the IDL course for job/graduate school search spring semester
  • Prepare or update your traditional résumé (attend a workshop)*
  • Attend an interviewing skills workshop*
  • Have your résumé critiqued by staff **Apply for an internship in your field or major**
  • Prepare a résumé for online or email transmissions (attend a workshop)*
  • Talk with faculty/staff regarding your occupational plans**
  • Develop the habit of networking with professionals and friends*
  • Attend a cultural event on-campus, talk to someone about it
  • Participate in pre-professional club activities and take a leadership role
  • Participate in Student Association, Residence Life, Peer Helpers, Mentors, or Orientation Leaders
  • Attend the Business, Industry, & Government (BIG) Job Fair in February or the Teacher Job Fair in April
  • Read Black Collegian or Diversity for good success and employment information
  • Keep your credit, legal, and driving records clean

* See the Career Development & Placement Center

** See above or your department for details



  • Meet with a counselor about your career development and planning
  • Open a credentials file/register with the NSU Career Development Center, if planning to teach
  • Participate in an internship in your major or field**
  • Update your résumé*
  • Visit with graduate school representatives in your field*
  • Review and research employer/graduate school literature and web sites*
  • Read Black Collegian, Diversity, or other targeted publications
  • Schedule a mock interview*
  • Register for on-campus/off-campus interviews*
  • Increase your networking contacts
  • Attend all job search/etiquette workshops*
  • Volunteer on or off campus
  • Organize an event, meeting, team, club, etc.
  • Talk about your skills, attributes, and interests
  • Sit for graduate/professional school entrance exam
  • Complete graduate/professional school or employment applications
  • Consider your options and commit to your next career step
  • Let us know when you are hired or accepted to graduate school*
  • Attend the BIG Job Fair (Feb.) or the Teacher Job Fair (April), both in Sioux Falls

* See the Career Development & Placement Center

** See above or your department for details