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Contact Information

Finance Office


Krikac Administration Building 202A

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2538

Fax: 605-626-3022

E-mail: Tammy Heilman



Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-4:50 p.m.

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Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities

Borrower’s Rights


  • To repay all of part of the loan (s) without penalty at any time


  • To a grace period after graduation or discontinuing education. During this grace period, payment is not required and interest does not accrue on the Perkins loan


  • Repayment of loan does not begin until your grace period has expired


  • To deferment of payment, if eligible


  • To cancellation of loan, if eligible



Borrower’s Responsibilities


  • To make payments on time


  • To notify the Federal Perkins Loan Office if payment cannot be made by the due date. A late fee will be charged if the account is not brought current


  • To notify the Federal Perkins Loan Office is there is a change of address, name or phone number


  • To file appropriate forms, such as deferment or cancellation, in a timely manner


  • To understand that failure to repay your student loan will have serious consequences:
    • Referral to collection service
    • Reporting of loan past-due status to National Credit Bureau reporting agencies
    • Loss of eligibility for deferment or cancellation benefits
    • Loss of eligibility for further federal financial aid
    • Hold placed on your academic transcript at Northern