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Contact Information

Finance Office


Krikac Administration Building 202A

1200 S. Jay St.

Aberdeen, S.D. 57401


Phone: 605-626-2566

Fax: 605-626-3022

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 4:50pm




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Krikac Administration Building on Northern State University's campus
Payment Options

​Northern State University provides several options to students for payment. These include:


In Person

Students can attend fee payment held each semester in the NSU Student Center. Payment must be made by the day after the census date.


By Mail

Students can mail payment to the NSU Finance Office using the address listed under contact information, at left.



Students can pay their bill via e-check or credit card online through SDePay. A 2.75 percent service fee will be charged on all credit card payments.


SDePay is an electronic billing and payment service and is accessible by logging on to WebAdvisor. Bills are posted online about three weeks before the start of each semester. Login to WebAdvisor and SDePay requires a NSU-assigned WebAdvisor ID  and password.


  • View and print your tuition and fee statement
  • Pay online by eCheck (no fee) or by credit card
  • Set up parents and other authorized payers to view and pay your bill
  • View billing payment history


Advantages of SDePay

  • Convenient & easy
  • Free eCheck service
  • Saves time – no waiting in line at fee payment
  • Private & secure
  • Easy for parents and other authorized payers to pay tuition bills
  • Online history of e-bills and e-payments


Monthly Payment Plans With SDePay

  • Easy online enrollment through WebAdvisor/ SDePay and e-Cashier
  • Automatic bank payment (ACH) from checking or savings
  • Credit card/debit card
    • 2.75% service fee
    • $40 enrollment fee per semester
    • $30 returned payment fee on NSF payments
  • Monthly payments processed on the 5th of each month


Late Charges

Late charges will be assessed to students if no payment or financial arrangement to pay is received on accounts that have been billed and a due date has been established.


If no payment or financial arrangement to pay is received by the established deadline, a late payment charge may be assessed on accounts of less than $100 and will be assessed on accounts more than $100 as follows:

  • $10 on accounts with a balance of less than $100
  • $30 on accounts with a balance of $100 to $1,000
  • $50 on accounts with a balance greater than $1,000

A late payment fee may be assessed each time payment is not received by the established due date noted on the bill or deferral agreement.