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Northern State University
NSU Center for Career Development and Placement

Our goal is to help NSU students transition from students to professionals.


We'll help students match their interests, skills and values with career options and employment opportunities that fit their professional goals. We also help students prepare for internships, graduate school, and work opportunities after graduation.


Check out the resources here or contact the center for more information. Current NSU students can find expanded resources on MyNSU.


Our services for NSU students include:


  • Personality and career assessments


  • Career and major exploration activities and resources


  • Success-building workshops


  • Internship and job shadowing planning, preparation and placement


  • Professional marketing assistance


  • Graduate school planning assistance


  • Placement services - including job postings for on-campus student labor or work study and off-campus part- or full-time positions, and


  • Ongoing employment assessment of NSU graduates