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Education Job Search

The current job market for teachers and other educators is generally strong.


Teachers are urgently needed in mathematics, special education, sciences, and languages. Teaching fields such as elementary education and physical education are much more competitive.


Strong candidates will be hired in large and small communities. Teacher candidates need to be able to demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as mastery of teaching and classroom management skills.

A successful job search may take several months. The normal steps include writing and updating a quality résumé, learning and practicing interview skills, preparing and sending appropriate documents to potential employers, and evaluating offers from those employers. For best results and least stress, start this process in the fall if you graduate in the coming year.
  • Identify a geographic area that interests you. The more mobile you are, the more vacancies you will find. Learn as much about the area(s) and the school(s) as you can.
  • Attend a workshop on résumé writing.
  • Attend the Job Search Strategies and Techniques workshop.
  • Have your paper résumé critiqued by employment and education professionals--call 605-626-2371 for a short appointment.
  • Attend a workshop on interviewing
  • Participate in a mock interview--call 605-626-2371 for a short appointment.
  • Use Career Library resources
  • The state-wide SD Teacher Job Fair is held each spring in Sioux Falls.  Go to to see which districts are registered.
  • Do a job search on WolfWork and set it to send you emails when jobs of that type are posted.
  • Compose a well-written cover letter for each employer.
  • Have your letter critiqued in the Writing Lab and the Career Center.
  • Submit flawless materials to potential employers. Some districts may require a portfolio of your work (not usually during a screening interview), but you may be expected to present only a limited number of pages that pertain to this vacancy. If using on-line applications, read and follow the direction very carefully.  Contact the Career Center ( for a digital copy of your credential file.
  • If considering graduate study, plan ahead.
  • Persist in your efforts and consult with the Career Center.