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Northern State University
Graduate and Professional School

The Center for Career Development and Placement can be an excellent resource for students interested in pursuing graduate or professional school after completing an undergraduate degree from NSU.  The Center can help students explore school options, apply and find resources to prepare for entrance exams. 

Application deadlines

The process of applying to a graduate or professional school can be lengthy.  It is quite common for professional schools to require admissions exams to be completed during the late part of student’s junior year or early in their senior year - several months ahead of the beginning of classes - to accommodate the interviews and announcement of acceptances in the spring.  As students search for programs and schools, they should be sure to note all admission requirements and deadlines.


Visiting graduate or professional school

It's good practice to call and set up an appointment with appropriate admissions officials and/or faculty to discuss programs, services, financial aid, and requirements, as well as to visit with them and current graduate students to get a feel for the climate and culture of the institution. 

Admission and wait lists

Admission to competitive programs may require re-application. For example, prospective health care graduate students may learn they are on a waiting list after the first application, then spend a year working in a related job or taking additional preparatory classes, and to be accepted upon the second application.  Admissions officials often look favorably on those who persist and work to strengthen their weak areas.


Before registering for any admission test, students should be sure they have prepared by careful study, either on their own or through proprietary courses.  Test preparation materials and courses can be purchased to maximize exam scores.  Test preparation materials area also available for use in the Center for Career Development and Placement.  

Graduate admissions testing information


• GRE - psychology






• PCAT or American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy

• Foreign Service Officer Exam

Applicants with disabilities

Applicants with documented disabilities are encouraged to apply for accommodations. For more information, inquire at NSU Disability Services.