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Northern State University

Internships are a vital part of building NSU students' futures. whether you aspire to work in academics, business, community development or elsewhere, and internship can help you explore your interests and gain valuable professional experience. At the center, we'll help you plan your internship along with faculty guidance.


Current NSU students should contact their academic department for guidance. For current internship and employment opportunities, visit WolfWork or MyNSU or stop by the center.

Internships for credit
Internships for credit are always determined by your major department.  Students must make internship arrangements in advance with their academic department. Most academic internships are done in the junior or senior year (or both), and students pay for any credits earned.
Internships for pay
Many internships are paid positions.  Interns in businesses generally receive pay by the hour or by the project.  Many students receive both academic credit and pay.  If a student does not wish to receive academic credit, the internship can still be done for pay and experience.  Many summer and part-time positions can be done as internships.
Internships for experience
All internships are designed to provide experience, whether paid or not. We'll help you plan your internship carefully to ensure you'll learn and use professional skills and receive adequate training, supervision and feedback.
Where can I intern?
Recently, NSU students have interned in businesses, agencies, churches, offices, and health care facilities in Aberdeen; businesses and state offices in Pierre and other South Dakota cities; federal offices in Washington, D.C., and federal agencies such as the Department of the Interior (National Park Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, etc.); in their hometowns in businesses and agencies; in summer camps of all types; at Disney World; and at NSU.
Internships also are available in major U.S. metropolitan areas for highly competitive positions such as those in large museums. Some colleges and universities in cities such as New York and Washington, D.C., provide affordable housing options to interns.
How to apply
An internship is out there that will help you reach your goal!  The key is to begin early. For example, summer internships with state and federal agencies often require that you apply by mid-January or early February.  March 1 is another common application deadline.  Applications usually require that you submit a carefully edited résumé, portfolio, essays, and/or other materials.