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Children's Center
Carla Addison, Director
Lindberg Hall
1200 S. Jay St.
Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
Phone: 605-626-2221
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Northern State University
Fees and Payments


The NSU Children's Center will close permanently on June 30, 2015.


Financial Assistance
You may qualify for financial assistance for childcare. Contact the Financial Assistance office about your eligibility or for additional information.

South Dakota Child Care Services may also be able to assist you with paying for childcare. Low-income families may apply for financial help with their childcare bills; assistance is based on household size and gross monthly income. Contact Child Care Services at 1-800-227-3020 for more information.
• General public part-time rate will be $5.60 per hour (care 15 up to 26 hours) – the minimum number of hours per week is 15

• General public full-time rate will be $148 per week (care 26 or more hours)

• NSU part-time rate will be $4.25 per hour (care 10 up to 30 hours) – the minimum number of hours per week is10


• NSU full-time rate will be $136 per week (care 30 or more hours)

Rates effective September 2014.


Meals: Every child exclusively eating table food attending the center at mealtimes will be served; lunch is served at noon and afternoon snack is served at 2:30 p.m. (To keep your costs as low as possible, breakfast is not offered; morning snack is provided at 10 a.m.). If a child is present at mealtime, but is not normally scheduled to be there and the parent did not notify the director by 10 a.m. (when meals are ordered), they will be charged $4 for lunch and $2 for afternoon snack. 
Other Charges: New families are charged a non-refundable $20 registration fee. A deposit of $50 per family will be required when a child is enrolled, which can be applied to your final bill if the center is given 2 weeks' written notice that your child is leaving our program.
A non-refundable supply charge of $2.50 per child per week will be billed to cover the cost of art and craft supplies, new toys, bibs, tissues, etc.  This allows us to provide necessary equipment without raising rates more frequently.
Payment: Advance payment is required for all children. Parents can pay 1 of 2 ways:
1.  Payment for the entire semester, including your initial deposit, can be taken from your financial aid at the beginning of each semester. Your childcare contract will outline your expenses for the semester based on your class/work schedule, and will authorize the Finance Office to add that amount to your semester’s tuition and fees bill. If you go over your contracted hours, it is your responsibility to make additional payments to keep your account at a positive balance.
2.  Advance payment on the first of each month; your childcare contract will outline your expenses for the month based on your class/work schedule.
Receipts: Receipts are written for all payments, and will be placed in your child’s file in their room. Please save these receipts for tax purposes—a $5 fee is charged if we must total your payments for the year. Our tax I.D. number is 46-6000364.
Parent Financial Responsibilities:
  • Your account balance will be maintained at the center, and you will receive a notice of your balance at the beginning of each month in your child’s file.
  • When an account is not paid by the 15th of each month, it will be considered past due.
    A past due account will be reported to the Finance Office, and you will not be allowed to register or receive transcripts until it is paid in full. Your deposit will be forfeited.
  • When an account is past due, the child or children will not be accepted at the Children’s Center until the bill is paid in full.
  • If the bill is not paid, collection efforts will begin according to the guidelines set forth by the Board of Regents collections policy.


Attention NSU Students:  All childcare accounts must be paid in full at the end of each semester--no subsequent care will be provided until your account has a $0 balance or positive credit. The NSU Finance Office will place a hold on your records, you will forfeit your deposit, and you will be denied any services of the University, including registration, receiving transcripts, or receiving financial aid.
Child Care Assistance payments still due will be estimated and credited to your end-of-semester bill, but parents are responsible for the balance. Please plan ahead! The director can help you estimate your expenses for the semester, and the Northern Financial Assistance office is available if you don’t feel you can meet your childcare obligations without help.