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Students who are seeking accommodations should:


  • Report their particular learning or attention difficulties to the Office of Disability Services


  • Sign a request for accommodation services


  • Provide disability-related documents (as requested by the Office of Disability Services) from the appropriate licensed professionals to certify the claimed disabilities and to determine reasonable accommodations


  • Provide and pay for additional documentation to the Office of Disability Services if the initial documentation is incomplete, outdated, or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability and its reasonable accommodation


  • Submit to additional professional examination at the university's expense


  • Report for an initial interview and screening provided free of charge by the Office of Disability Services


  • Follow the referrals for (and also bear the cost of) possible comprehensive and diagnostic testing from a community agency


  • Accept the decision of the Office of Disability Services to become certified as a student with a disability and then become registered for services provided through the Office of Disability Services or accept the office's referral to other campus/community resources for assistance if found to be non-disabled


  • Accept the discretionary power of the faculty to offer services even though there is no identifiable learning disability


  • Accept the right of the university to deny services or accommodations pending receipt of appropriate documentation 


Learning disability documentation guidelines

Recommended tests:

• Aptitude
• Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test-Revised (Wais-r) WAIS III
• Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery-Revised: Test of Cognitive Ability
• Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test
• Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (4th ed.)
• Academic Achievement
• Scholastic Abilities Test for Adults
• Stanford Test of Academic Skills
• Woodcock Johnson Psycho-educational Battery-Revised: Test of Achievement
• Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)


Or specific achievement test such as:

• Nelson-Denny Reading Skills Test
• Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test
• Test of Written Language (TOWL-3)
• Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests-Revised


A single test can not determine the existence of a learning disability. Therefore, a student should take a test that measures aptitude and academic achievement.