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Examinations and Evaluations
Examinations or other procedures for evaluating students’ academic achievement should be adapted to permit evaluation of the actual achievement of students who have a disability; results of the evaluation must represent the student's achievement level in the program or activity, not his or her test-taking ability. It is the student's responsibility to request test accommodation. Possible testing accommodations may include, but need not be limited to:
  • Alternative test formats (short answer, multiple choice, oral, essay)
  • Computer or basic calculator for exams
  • Exam administered in two parts
  • Private, quiet exam room
  • Readers and scribes
  • Time extensions


Exam modifications

Because students with disabilities are best served when accommodated in the most integrated setting possible, the Office of Disability Services strongly encourages instructors to provide test accommodations within their own departments. When test accommodations cannot be provided by the instructor, the Office of Disability Services provides the service as a convenience for faculty and students. Test administrations handled by the Office of Disability Services involve only physical assistance in accordance with the student's functional limitation (e.g., reading, writing, marking answer sheets, time extensions).
Exam modification procedures
The Office of Disability Services hosts exams only when instructors cannot provide students with test accommodations.
  • The service is structured to provide students a fair opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of course content without resulting in a competitive academic advantage over other students.
  • The student is not allowed to use notes, books, tapes, or any supplementary material unless specified by the instructor.
  • The Office of Disability Services does not make copies of exams and does not maintain an exam file.
    Exams are received and returned according to prearranged instructions.


The following procedures should be followed when setting test accommodations with the Office of Disability Services:


  • The student and the Director of the Office of Disability Services discuss the accommodation(s) needed.
  • The Office of Disability Services notifies the instructor of the disability-related need for test accommodations. The Office of Disability Services will provide consultation and advocacy if necessary.
  • The instructor contacts the Office of Disability Services if the department cannot host the exam.
  • The instructor makes arrangements to deliver the exam to the Office of Disability Services. Exams can be brought to Student Center 240. The Office of Disability Services will administer the exam and return it according to pre-arranged instructions.
  • If the student does not keep the appointment for the exam, the exam is returned to the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor to seek permission to reschedule the exam. All students who request test accommodations through the Office of Disability Services are given policies and procedures outlining their role in arranging this service.