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Disability Resources

Student obligations

To be eligible for accommodation, the student should:

  • Contact the Office of Disability Services in the Student Center 240 as early as possible
  • Submit any required medical or other diagnostic documentation of disability or limitations
  • Participate in additional evaluations if required
  • Make timely, appropriate disclosures and requests for accommodations
  • Actively participate in the securing of accommodations and auxiliary aids
  • If necessary, apply for funding for specialized support services from vocational rehabilitation agencies


Reduced course load/extended graduation date
As an accommodation to students with verified disabilities, the university may consider granting full-time status to an undergraduate student enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours or to a graduate student enrolled in fewer than 9 credit hours. To the extent that it is within the university's discretion, a student's request will be granted if it can be shown that:
(1) the student has a verified disability;
(2) the disability restricts the rate of the student's progress, in general, or in specific courses; and
(3) it is unreasonable to expect the student to perform well academically with an increased work load.
For example, a student who relies on taped books and is in an area of study requiring a great deal of reading may need a reduced course load every semester. However, if a student, due to a disabling condition, experiences difficulty only in a certain discipline, then a reduced course load might be appropriate only in those semesters when the student registers for courses in that discipline.
For purposes of federal financial aid, the granting of full-time status by the university is not controlling unless applicable federal regulations give the university authority to establish its own standards for full-time enrollment. The university may, when permissible, assist the student in petitioning the federal authorities for an exception, but cannot overrule the federal government's stipulation that for some federal financial aid programs full-time undergraduate students must be enrolled for twelve or more hours. Similarly, the policy will be implemented in a manner consistent with NCAA requirements regarding eligibility for athletics.

Referral to psychoeducational testing
If you feel you may have a learning disability but do not have documentation you can be tested at the following locations:
Northern Plains Psychological Associates
405 8th Ave. NW
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Contact: Dr. Robert Patterson
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