Northern S.D. Math Contest

The contest

Northern's mathematics faculty members write tests that cover specific areas of mathematics. Hundreds of school students from dozens of area schools are invited to compete in elementary algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, or senior divisions. Each test usually consists of 35-50 multiple choice questions and a tiebreaker. The test usually takes about 50 minutes.
The contest is not open to the public; however, all are welcome to attend the afternoon awards ceremony in the upstairs gym of the Barnett Center.
To be added to the contest mailing list or for more information, call 605-626-2456.


Northern math professors Scout Mewaldt and Edwin Williamson created the mathematics contest in 1953. Starting with approximately 40 students from eight area schools in attendance, today, more than 1,000 students from dozens of schools participate. The contest was developed to give area high school teachers an opportunity to compare the mathematical skills of their students with the skills of students from other schools and promote interest in math.