College of Professional Studies

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Established in 2020, the College of Professional Studies builds on Northern’s liberal arts values by offering undergraduate and graduate programs in business, counseling and psychology, education, and sport sciences.

Doug OhmerWelcome! Northern State University’s College of Professional Studies is the choice for your education in primary and secondary teacher education, counseling, psychology, sport sciences, and business at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We - the faculty, staff, and I - hope you will come to visit the campus and meet with us and our students!

I am excited that you are considering becoming part of the Northern State University College of Professional Studies family. The College of Professional Studies is Northern’s most recent addition, established in 2020. The College unities the long and distinct traditions of both the Millicent Atkins School of Education, with roots in the founding of Northern Normal and Industrial School in 1901, and the School of Business, established in 1972.

Moving on from high school and choosing a college is an exciting time in your life, and is an important decision. Allow me to share a little about what makes Northern and the College of Professional Studies an awesome place.

Students are the number one priority at Northern and the College of Professional Studies. Our campus is full of friendly and caring people, professors who genuinely care about you, and a staff who will go out of their way to help you.

Northern is located on a beautiful campus with lots of new facilities, including residence halls, the new Science Center, the new practice and soccer fields, and the new Dacotah Bank stadium! The School of Education is located in Gerber Hall, and the School of Business is located in Lincoln Hall, both on the historic campus green, where you’ll often find students engaged in a Frisbee game, studying, or just enjoying the sunshine. 

Our faculty are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with you and providing an educational experience equal to that of any university. At Northern, you’ll not only get the latest materials in the classroom, but you’ll also have opportunities to learn outside the classroom with internships, practicums and the greatest amount of in-classroom student teaching experience in the state!  We also offer the opportunity to study abroad as a way to enhance your learning experience.  By the way, the world also comes to study here: students from over 40 countries study at Northern!

As you consider and make your final decisions about college, remember that students at Northern value the support they receive from faculty, the relationships they establish with their classmates, and the extensive opportunities to develop and grow in all facets of life. Longer range, the College of Professional Studies also helps you to prepare for your first professional position and career.  Northern's graduates work in a broad range of professional careers all over the world.

If you seek a world-class education in a safe and friendly environment, you will find it at Northern. I hope you will come to campus for a visit and see for yourself how a Northern education can prepare you for your future!


Dr. Doug Ohmer

College of Professional Studies